Forest Trends

Description Forest Trends is an international nonprofit organization created in 1999 by leaders from conservation organizations, forest products firms, research groups, multilateral development banks, private investment funds, and philanthropic foundations. Recognizing the limits of their own institutions, they joined together to consider the array of challenges facing forest conservation. The group aims to expand the value of forests to society, promote sustainable forest management and conservation, support innovative projects and companies that are developing these markets, and enhance the livelihoods of local communities living in and around those forests.

The organization analyzes strategic market and policy issues and connects producers, communities, and investors in the hope of developing new financial tools to help markets work for conservation and people. Forest Trend's main concerns are: convening market players to advance market transformations, generating and disseminating critical information to market players, and facilitating deals between different critical links in the value chains of new forestry. The Board of Directors includes participants from industry, finance, and community. It has representatives from other major forest areas besides the United States, such as Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, and Canada. Bringing in a wide diversity of opinions the organization hopes to bridge traditional divides in order to promote market-based approaches to forest conservation.

Forest Trends
Contact 1050 Potomac Street NW
Washington, DC  20007
Phone: (202) 298-3000
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Focus: Agriculture, Conservation, Economy, Environment, Finance, Sustainability, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, United States, Americas, Asia, Europe

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