Kasiisi Porridge Project

Description The Kasiisi Porridge Project is an independent British-registered charity. In its first phase KPP raised funds to help feed primary schoolchildren at two schools in western Uganda. It has now expanded to develop 20 acres of land into a school and community farm. The second phase of the project aims for the farm to generate income which will contribute to the provision of porridge. KPP has worked with architects and the local community to design and initiate the building of a farm complex, and rearing chickens for eggs will be the first income-generating activity.

Kasiisi Porridge Project
Related Person Kate Wrangham-Briggs, Founder and Director
Contact 90 High Street
Sandy, Beds  SG19 2EJ
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Focus: Agriculture, Aid, Culture, Development, Education, Environment, Food, Health, Poverty, Sustainability, Youth, Uganda, United Kingdom, Africa, Europe

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