Description is an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis. Their focus is on the number 350—as in parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in the atmosphere. This December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, to craft a new global treaty on cutting emissions. The problem is, the treaty currently on the table doesn't meet the severity of the climate crisis—it doesn't pass the 350 test.

In order to unite the public, media, and political leaders behind the 350 goal, is harnessing the power of the internet to coordinate a planetary day of action on October 24, 2009. They hope to have actions at hundreds of iconic places around the world—from the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef—with a clear message to world leaders: The solutions to climate change must be equitable, they must be grounded in science, and they must meet the scale of the crisis. logo
Related People Phil Aroneanu, Creative Media Coordinator
Bill McKibben, Founder
Contact 2017 Mission St, Second Floor
San Francisco, CA  94110
Phone: (415) 575-5529
Website (link opens in a new window)

Focus: Development, Energy, Environment, Science, Technology, United States, Americas

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