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Description The Green Gold Corporation contributes to the wellbeing of the communities of the Biogeographic regions of Chocó, Colombia, through research and training processes, the promotion of alliances and productive systems and the sustainable use of natural resources.

The Certified Green Gold program in Chocó, Colombia, is the first project of its kind in the world, which looks to reverse the devastating processes done to these unique ecosystems, caused by out of control large scale mining of one of the most bio-diverse eco-regions of the world. Currently the initiative is being implemented in 12 Afro-Colombian communities, within the municipalities of Condoto and Tadó, the project seeks the active participation of the population, who are represented by the community councils, to ensure the successful development of the area.

Green Gold demands compliance with socially and environmentally responsible practices, by imposing a rigorous certification process on all mining methods, this then puts an added value on the metals produced, whether they be raw materials for jewellery making, environmental souvenirs, or as ready made jewellery.
Contact Medellín, Colombia
Phone: (574) 3 52 16 38
Fax: (574) 3 52 30 45
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Focus: Environment, Colombia, Americas

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