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Description Founded in 1994, ForestEthics is a nonprofit environmental organization with staff in Canada, the United States and Chile. Our mission is to protect Endangered Forests, and to achieve that goal we’ve created a revolutionary new approach.

The first step is determining which forests are Endangered Forests. We have staff members who live in the forests and work with scientists to define the areas that are most important to protect. We also work with First Nations to make sure their interests are represented—and that they receive funding to implement a viable, ecofriendly economy.

When we find that Endangered Forests are being destroyed, we determine which corporations are purchasing the products of that destruction. If a corporation refuses to change its practices, we hold that company publicly accountable—with protests, websites, email campaigns, national advertisements, and more. And when a company is ready to protect Endangered Forests, we help them implement sound policies through our Corporate Action Program.

Either way, the end result is that we turn our corporate adversaries into allies. And while logging companies may be able to tune out the protests of environmental groups, they can’t ignore their largest customers—the corporations we work with, such as Staples, Home Depot, Estee Lauder and Dell—when they demand environmental reform.

Whether it’s by brokering agreements with logging companies or by negotiating legislated protection, the end result is that Endangered Forests are saved. To date, ForestEthics has protected over seven million acres of Endangered Forest in British Columbia and Chile.
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