Workshops for Ethics in Business

Description Carnegie Council's Workshops for Ethics in Business program is a one-of-a-kind forum that brings top corporations and NGOs together to share innovative ideas for addressing ethical issues related to globalization.

Inspired by Booz & Company's concept of "megacommunities," or multi-stakeholder engagement, and Georgetown professor Pietra Rivoli's notion that civilization advances through the positive interaction between civil society and business, the luncheon workshops aim to fill a vacuum in corporate training, business schools, and organizational leadership. To this end, Carnegie Council is creating a series of accessible case studies in applied ethics.

The goal is to provide examples of best practices that help address stubborn ethical problems that organizations face. The world's best companies have enjoyed success partly because their competitive management systems deal with these problems globally, while their less successful competitors have been dealing with them on an ad hoc basis. Meanwhile, internal change agents have expressed the need for outside pressure for corporate reform.

Each workshop produces videos, podcasts, summaries, interviews, biographies, and lists of related organizations for teaching and training. By presenting these resources to companies and business schools, Carnegie Council is working to help strengthen the ethical component of management systems. These workshops are open to the public and attract an engaged and motivated audience of leaders of business, consulting, finance, government, media, and NGOs.

Carnegie Council's 2010-2011 Workshops for Ethics in Business are supported in part by generous contributions from Hewlett-Packard and from Booz & Company.

Workshops for Ethics in Business
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