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Ilene Grabel co-directs the graduate program in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration at the University of Denver's Graduate School of International Studies. She has also lectured at the Cambridge University Advanced Programme on Rethinking Development Economics since its founding. Grabel has published widely in academic journals on financial policy and crises in developing countries, international capital flows, and central banks and currency boards.

Grabel is presently working on policies to reduce the likelihood of financial crises in developing countries for the G24 and is conducting research into the political economy of exchange rate regimes.

UNCTAD; Inter-Governmental Group of Twenty-Four (G24); UNU-WIDER; New Rules for Global Finance

Focus: Development, Economy, Finance, Governance, Trade, United States, Global


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Selected Publications:

Reclaiming Development: A Manual of Alternative Economic Policy, co-authored with Ha-Joon Chang (London: Zed Press, 2004).

"Predicting Financial Crisis in Developing Economies: Astronomy or Astrology?" Eastern Economics Journal, symposium on "Financial Globalisation" (2003), 29(2), pp. 243-58.

"Averting Crisis: Assessing Measures to Manage Financial Integration in Emerging Economies." Cambridge Journal of Economics (2003) 27(3), pp. 317-36.

"'The Political Economy of 'Policy Credibility': The New-Classical Macroeconomics and the Remaking of Emerging Economies." Cambridge Journal of Economics (2000) 24(1), pp. 1-19.

"International Private Capital Flows and Developing Countries," in Ha-Joon Chang (ed.)., Rethinking Development Economics (London: Anthem Press, 2003), pp. 325-345.

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