Frances J. Stewart


Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity, Oxford University

Somerville College
Oxford OX2 6HD
Frances is current working on the following project entitled:"Horizontal inequalities". This involves investigating how horizontal inequalities (ie inequalities in economic and political resources between culturally defined groups) contribute to the causes of conflict. An initial investigation into experience in eight conflict-affected countries shows that horizontal inequalities can be conflict-promoting, while carefully designed policies to moderate horizontal inequalities, as in Malaysia, may greatly ameliorate the situation – but unless designed sensitively they may also inflame it, as in Sri Lanka.

Oxford University Department of International Development


Focus: Aid, Cities, Debt, Development, Economy, Environment, Ethics, Finance, Globalization, Governance, Poverty, Security, United Kingdom, Global


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Selected Publications:

War, Hunger and Displacement: The Origin of Humanitarian Emergencies, Vol. 1 War and Displacement in Developing Countries, Vol. 2: Weak States and Vulnerable Economies: The Origins of Humanitarian Emergencies in Developing Economies, edited with E. W. Nafziger and R. V?yrynen (Oxford University Press, 2000).

Group Behaviour and Development: Is the Market Destroying Cooperation? edited with Judith Heyer and Rosemary Thorp (Oxford University Press, 2002)

"Amartya Sen?s Contribution to Development Thinking," with Severine Deneulin, Studies in Comparative International Development, 37, 2, 61-70, Summer 2002.

"Income Distribution and Development" in J. Toye (ed.) Trade and Development: Directions for the 21st Century (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2003).

"Does It Matter That We Don?t Agree on the Definition of Poverty? A comparison of four approaches," with Caterina Ruggeri Laderchi and Ruhi Saith, Oxford Development Studies, 31, 3, 243-274: Sept. 2003.

"Conflict and the Millennium Development Goals," Journal of Human Development, 4, 3, 325-352: November 2003.

"Global Governance: The case for a World Economic and Social Council?, with Sam Daws, Finance and Common Good, 15, Summer 2003.
War and Underdevelopment, Oxford University Press (2001).

"The Real Causes of Inequality," with A. Berry, Challenge 43 (1) (2000).

"Economic Growth & Human Development," with G. Ranis and A. Ramirez, World Development 28 (2) (2000).


Adjustment and poverty; Human development poverty; Group behavior and development; Development under conflict

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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2006

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