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Ann Pettifor was born in South Africa and took her degree in politics and economics at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. She spent a formative period of her life in Tanzania in the early 1970s before coming to Britain and working at the Headquarters of the British Labour Party. During the 1980s, she was a leading figure in the campaign to increase the representation of women in Parliament. In the early 1990s, she undertook strategic roles in the government of London, working as parliamentary adviser to the leader of the GLC and as Head of Office of the Leader of the Inner London Education Authority. Later, she moved into the private sector and worked as an adviser to chief executives in the energy, retail, and property sectors.

In 1994, Ms. Pettifor was appointed director of the Debt Crisis Network, a national alliance of British NGOs working on sovereign debts. In 1996, she co-founded the campaign that grew into the international Jubilee 2000 movement for the cancellation of the debts of the poorest countries. In May 1998, she led a protest of more than 70,000 people in Birmingham, forming a human chain around the annual G8 Summit and demanding debt cancellation. A year later, the G8 agreed at their Cologne Summit to cancel, over time, $110bn of debt owed by 41 of the poorest countries.

Ms. Pettifor has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Newcastle in 2000 and an honorary Masters by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2001, the freedom of the city of Callao in Peru, the 2000 Pax Christi International Peace Prize, and honoured by Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. She advised on the United Nation's Human Development Report 2002: Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World, and continued in this capacity as an advisor to the 2003 Human Development Report on the Millennium Development Goals.

Focus: Aid, Debt, Democracy, Development, Finance, Globalization, Governance, Poverty, Technology, United Kingdom, Global

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Technology and technical change in developing countries, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and multinational corporations, Export performance of developing countries, Income distribution

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