Dot Keet

Research Associate

Keet Dot is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Southern African Studies at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, Dot Keet works also with a variety of NGOs and trade unions and is on the board of the Alternative Information and Development Centre in Cape Town. Keet works in the Transnational Institute regionalisms project focusing on alternatives to the WTO.

Born in Zimbabwe she spent years working in several southern Africa countries and was involved in the liberation movements of Angola and Mozambique, which led to a move to Europe in the 1980s, where she worked for the Mozambique Information Service. She returned in 1990 and worked for the South African Labour Bulletin and the ANC/COSATU Macro-Economic Research Group (MERG) until moving to her current position.

Focus: Development, Economy, Africa

Language Fluency:


Last Updated: Sep 25, 2006

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