Gerry Rodgers

Director, Institute for International Labor Studies

International Labour Organization

4, route des Morillons
Geneva, 22 CH-1211

Gerry Rodgers is director of the Institute for International Labor Studies at the ILO, where he has been a staff member since 1972. His work has mainly been concerned with poverty, inequality, labor, human resources, and employment, especially in South and Southeast Asia and in Latin America. This has included analysis of labor market outcomes and their relationship to economic development; the impact on poverty and employment of state policies and of the behavior of other social actors; labor market patterns as aspects of social and economic inequality; the development of training systems and policies; the notion of social exclusion and its application in low income settings; studies of interactions between economic and demographic behavior; work on economic and social systems and models, both theoretical and empirical.

Focus: Cities, Jobs, Poverty, Switzerland, Americas, Asia, Europe


Selected Publications:

"Urban poverty and the labour market: access to jobs and incomes in Asian and Latin American cities" (Geneva: ILO, 1989).

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Last Updated: May 19, 2009

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