Rashid Kaukab

Head of Programme and Research Coordination

South Centre
Rashid S. Kaukab joined the Geneva-based South Centre, an intergovernmental organization of developing countries, in March 1998. He worked as Coordinator of South Centre Work Programme on Trade and Development and as Head, Strategic Policy and Planning. Currently he is Acting Head, Programme and Research Coordination at the South Centre. He led the South Centre delegation to the Geneva, Seattle, Doha and Cancun Ministerial Conferences of the WTO and the XI Ministerial Conference of UNCTAD. He also attended the X Ministerial Conference of UNCTAD and the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference of the WTO as deputy head of the South Centre delegation.

Before joining the South Centre, he worked as a Pakistani delegate to the WTO from the middle of 1995 till early 1998. During this time he was actively involved in the negotiations on implementation and the built-in agenda (i.e., agriculture, services and intellectual property) of the Uruguay Round agreements, and other issues under the WTO. He was also a member of Pakistani delegation to the First WTO Ministerial Conference, held in Singapore in December 1996 and IX Ministerial Conference of UNCTAD, held in Midrand, South Africa.

Rashid S. Kaukab graduated from GC Lahore in Economics and English Literature and has Masters degrees in Economics (Karachi University) and Business Administration (Yale University).

Focus: Development, Trade, Global


Selected Publications:

"Liberalizing Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries" in Trade, Equity, and Development, 6, March 2003 (Washington, DC: CEIP).


Intergovernmental South-South relations; North-South relations; World Trade Organization

Language Fluency:


Last Updated: Dec 14, 2006

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