Issa G. Shivji

Professor of Law, University of Dar es Salaam

Department of Law
University of Dar es Salaam
P.O. Box 35093
Dar es Salaam TANZANIA
Issa G. Shivji is one of Africa's leading experts on law and development issues. Shivji has served as advocate of the high court and the Court of Appeal of Tanzania since 1977 and advocate of the high court in Zanzibar since 1989. He has taught and worked in universities all over the world, including the University of Zimbabwe, the University of Warwick, the University of Hong Kong and El Colegio De Mexico. He is a prolific writer and researcher, producing books, monographs and articles, as well as a weekly column printed in national newspapers. He most recently co-authored the book "Constitutional and Legal Systems of Tanzania" (2005).

Focus: Democracy, Development, Globalization, Governance, Human Rights, Tanzania, Africa

Selected Publications:

"Globalisation and Popular Resistance." Local Perspectives on Globalisation: The African Case. J Semboja et al, (eds.). 2002.

"The Life and Time of Babu: The Age of Revolution and Liberation." Law, Social Justice and Global Development. 2001.

Not Yet Democracy: Reforming Land Tenure in Tanzania. IIED, 1998. 

Intellectuals at the Hill: Essays and Talks 1969-1993. Dar es Salaam University Press, 1993.

State and Constitutionalism: An African Debate on Democracy. Sapes Trust, 1991.

Edited The Concept of Human Rights in Africa. CODESRIA, 1989.

The State and the Working People in Tanzania. CODESRIA, 1986

Edited The Silent Class Struggle. Tanzania Publishing House, 1976

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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2007

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