Amy Glasmeier

Professor of Geography and Regional Planning

308 Walker Building
Penn State University University
Park, PA 16802
Phone: 814 865 7323
Amy K. Glasmeier is the E. Willard Miller Professor of Economic Geography and a professor of geography and regional planning at The Pennsylvania State University. She is also John Whisman Scholar of the Appalachian Regional Commission. Published fall 2005 by Routledge Press, An Atlas of Poverty in America: One Nation, Pulling Apart 1960-2003 examines the experience of people and places in poverty since the 1960s, looks across the last four decades at poverty in America, and recounts the history of poverty policy since the 1940s. Professor Glasmeier has worked all over the world, including Japan, Hong Kong, Latin America, and Europe. She has worked with the OECD, ERVET Emilia Romagna Regional Planning Agency. She currently is engaged in a retrospective examination of poverty and poverty policy history in the US. The work is leading to new perspectives on the nature and extent of persistent poverty in America and is exploring the theoretical and ideological basis for federal poverty policy since the 1960s.

Focus: Agriculture, Poverty, Technology, United States, Americas

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Last Updated: Sep 25, 2006

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