Howard Mann

Senior International Law Advisor

International Institute for Sustainable Development

424 Hamilton Ave. South
Ottawa K1Y 1E3
Phone: (613) 729-0621
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Since establishing his legal practice in 1993, Howard Mann has specialized in international and Canadian sustainable development law. His practice includes a particular focus on international environmental, trade and investment law and policy, three of the pillars of International Sustainable Development Law (ISDLaw).

With clients from the public and private sectors in Canada and internationally, Howard Mann has worked on a wide range of environment and development concerns, involving such international agreements as the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, the North American Free Trade Agreement, World Trade Organization agreements, the Basel Convention on the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes, the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Protocol on Biosafety, international forest instruments and voluntary environmental standards. Specific assignments have involved participation in international litigation processes, the implementation of existing agreements and design of new ones, institutional management of the environment, international training seminars for business and government leaders, and the development of policy and strategic plans for new approaches to environmentally sustainable development. Dr. Mann has also facilitated inter-departmental and international meetings.

Howard Mann brings to his work an extensive combination of national and international legal skills, along with policy and strategic experience at the national and international levels. In addition to providing legal advice, Dr. Mann also offers his clients seasoned counsel that bridges legal and policy issues through the development of practical, legally informed policy and strategic advice.

Before joining the private sector, Howard Mann was Legal Counsel with the Government of Canada for five years. During this time he specialized in international and Canadian environmental law, and Canadian constitutional law as it relates to environmental issues. Howard Mann represented Canada in the negotiation of several international environmental agreements and instruments, such as the 1992 United Nations Convention on Climate Change and the NAFTA related North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation. He also assisted in preparing and presenting several key environmental law cases including cases heard before the Supreme Court of Canada and in drafting Canadian environmental legislation.

Howard Mann received his Bachelor of Civil Law (1982) at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and his Master of Laws (1984) and Ph.D. (1988) from the London School of Economics, London, UK. He is a member of the Bar of the Province of Quebec, and the Canadian Council on International Law. Dr. Mann was the founding chair of the International Environmental Law Committee of the Canadian Bar Association.

Howard Mann has served on two special ministerial advisory groups assisting Canada's Minister for International Trade on international trade and investment issues. He is the Senior International Law Advisor to the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and holds an appointment as adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law.

Howard Mann has published articles in various international journals, presented papers at numerous conferences, and provided media analysis on topical issues.

Focus: Environment, Trade, Canada, Americas


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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2006

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