J. Mohan Rao

Research Associate and Professor of Economics

Political Economy Research Institute

Department of Economics
Thompson Hall
Amherst, MA 01003
Phone: (413) 545-4808
Fax: (413) 545-2921
J. Mohan Rao was educated at Bombay, Ahmedabad and Harvard, and has previously taught at Harvard, Boston and Rome Universities. His research has concentrated on structuralist macroeconomics, agriculture-industry interactions, the microeconomics of agrarian institutions, and government interventions in agriculture. India has been the mainspring of his theoretical inspirations and the mainstay of his empirical studies. He has published over eighty articles and monographs combining theoretical, empirical and historical analyses in equal measure. His current research interests include the political economy of the state and the impact of globalization on development, inequality and poverty.

Focus: Agriculture, Development, Economy, Globalization, Poverty, United States, India, Americas, Asia

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Last Updated: Jan 08, 2007

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