Carne Ross

Carne Ross worked in the British Foreign Office and United Nations as a diplomat for over 15 years serving in various positions including first secretary in Middle East affairs for the United Kingdom's UN Security Council delegation. In that position from 1998-2001, Ross' work included the drafting and negotiation of several Security Council resolutions including SCR 1284 which rewrote the Council's Iraq policy and established UNMOVIC, the weapons inspection body.

Ross went on to serve as Strategic Coordinator for the UN in Kosovo (UNMIK) where he devised and led a joint UN and government policy to implement a series of standards to improve governance, the rule of law and human rights protection, and advised the Secretary-General's Special Representative on diplomatic and political tactics.

In 2004, Ross left the British diplomatic corp to found Independent Diplomat, a nonprofit that offers freelance diplomatic representation to small, developing, and yet-unrecognized nations. That year, the group advised the Kosovars in their quest for recognition as a nation and has since gone on to assist clients including Croatia, The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and NGO's such as Human Rights First and the World Wildlife Fund.

Carne Ross published his book "Independent Diplomat: Dispatches from an Unaccountable Elite" in 2007.

Focus: Business, Democracy, Diplomacy, Economy, Ethics, Globalization, Governance, Human Rights, Innovation, Jobs, Cyprus, Iraq, Kosovo, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East

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