Ernesto Oroza

Ernesto Oroza is a Cuban-born artist working in the United States and exhibiting globally.

Oroza's work has appeared in numerous prestigious museums both in the Americas and in Europe, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Groninger Museum in The Netherlands, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

He has been awarded fellowships by the Guggenheim Foundation, the Christoph Merian Foundation (Basel, Switzerland), the Danish Center for Cultural Development, and the Ludwig Foundation.

His practice channels the tradition of radical architecture into his own analytical employment of contemporary object typologies and productive forces. In lieu of functioning within the realm of manufacturing, he produces and distributes speculative models and research through various publication methods, exhibitions, collaborative practices, documentaries, and unorthodox forays into more conventional modes of architecture, interior, and object design.

Orozo was a professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Design, Havana, is a recurrent visiting professor at Les Ateliers, Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Création Industrielle (ENSCI) in Paris, and has authored several books. He has also lectured and developed workshops for various international institutions, most recently the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin.

PHOTO CREDIT: BMW Guggenheim Lab (CC).

Focus: Cities, Culture, Innovation, Technology, Cuba, United States, Americas


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Last Updated: Sep 27, 2013

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