John Mizzoni

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Neumann College

Division of Arts and Sciences, Neumann College
One Neumann Drive
Aston, PA 19014
Phone: 610-361-5496
John Mizzoni, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Neumann College. He specializes in moral and environmental philosophy and has published articles on metaethics, evolutionary ethics, environmental ethics, Franciscan philosophy, and teaching philosophy with music. His work has appeared in The Journal of Philosophical Research, The International Journal of Applied Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, The Philosopher's Magazine, Teaching Ethics, and Environmental Philosophy. His first book, An Ethics Primer, is forthcoming from Wiley-Blackwell.

Focus: Business, Environment, Ethics, United States, Americas

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Last Updated: Jul 25, 2008

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