Kate Wrangham-Briggs

Founder and Director

Kasiisi Porridge Project

Kate Wrangham-Briggs is an English language educator and director of the Kasiisi Porridge Project. She holds a degree in social anthropology and an M.A. in applied linguistics.

She first visited western Uganda with her husband and young twins in 1996 where her own twin brother, Richard Wrangham, professor of biological anthropology at Harvard University, was studying chimpanzees in the Kibale Forest. She and her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Ross, visited local schools, which prompted Ross to create the Kasiisi Project USA with an aim to improve conditions in the local schools. The area had been ravaged by civil war, a bankrupt national economy, and widespread rural poverty.

Kate returned to the United Kingdom to establish a language-support department for international students at a large school in Bedford. Her following visit to Uganda was not until 2005, but it proved to be the springboard for founding the Kasiisi Porridge Project UK. By early 2012, with the support of many individuals and organizations, her project had raised $200,000, equipped two schools with latrines and kitchens, and fed more than 1,250 children with a daily mug of maize-flour porridge over three years.

The project continues to fund the feeding program in partnership with the Kasiisi Project USA and local partners including the Kibale Forest Schools and Students Support Project (KFSSSP). Kate believes passionately in self-sustainability, and shares the KFSSSP's objective of self-sufficiency, by means of a school farm, currently being developed near the schools on land funded by the Kasiisi Porridge Project.

As well as working in the United Kingdom, her career has taken her to Spain, Latin America, China, and Finland. It has included teaching English, training teachers and public service interpreters, and writing textbooks and articles.

Focus: Agriculture, Aid, Charity, Conservation, Culture, Development, Education, Food, Health, Poverty, Youth, China, Finland, Spain, Uganda, United Kingdom, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe


Last Updated: May 18, 2012

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