Philip G. Cerny

Professor of Global Political Economy

Division of Global Affairs
Rutgers University-Newark
Newark, New Jersey 07102-3094
Philip G. Cerny is Professor of Global Political Economy in the Division of Global Affairs at Rutgers University-Newark and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Journal of International Trade and Diplomacy as well as several other journals. He is a political scientist who has previously taught at the Universities of Manchester, Leeds, and York in the United Kingdom, and held visiting research and teaching positions at Harvard University, Dartmouth College, New York University, and the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques in Paris.

Prof. Cerny has written extensively on political theories of the state and globalization. He is the author of The Politics of Grandeur: Ideological Aspects of de Gaulle's Foreign Policy (Cambridge University Press, 1980), The Changing Architecture of Politics: Structure, Agency and the Future of the State (Sage, 1990), editor of Finance and World Politics: Markets, Regimes and States in the Post-Hegemonic Era (Edward Elgar, 1993), and co-editor (with Susanne Soederberg and George Menz) of Internalizing Globalization: The Rise of Neoliberalism and the Erosion of National Varieties of Capitalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), as well as numerous articles in scholarly journals and edited books.

His most recent work includes "Embedding Neoliberalism: The Evolution of a Hegemonic Paradigm" in the Journal of International Trade and Diplomacy (Spring 2008), "The Governmentalization of World Politics" in Globalization: Theory and Practice, Elinore Kofman and Gillian Youngs, eds. (Continuum, 3rd edition 2008), "Reconfiguring Power in a Globalizing World" in Handbook of Power, Stewart Clegg and Mark Haugaard, eds. (Sage, forthcoming 2009), "Multi-Nodal Politics: Globalization is What Actors Make of It" in the Review of International Studies (forthcoming April 2009), and "The Competition State Today," forthcoming in Policy Studies.

He is currently in Brazil researching the relationship between financial liberalization, regulation, and globalization in middle-income developing countries in the context of the present financial crisis.

Focus: Development, Globalization, Governance, Trade, Brazil, United States, Americas, Global


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