Stefanie Ambrosio

Program Assistant

Policy Innovations, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Phone: 212-838-4120 x260
Fax: 212-752-2432

Stefanie R. Ambrosio is program assistant for Carnegie New Leaders, Ethics Matter, and U.S. Global Engagement programs. She is also the assistant for senior fellow and program director David C. Speedie. Ambrosio joined the Council in January 2009, and has managed other programs such as Global Policy Innovations and Workshops for Ethics in Business.

She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Italian language and culture with a minor in philosophy from CUNY Hunter College. Ambrosio is currently pursuing a post-Bachelors of Arts degree with a concentration in psychology at Hunter College, where she is involved in social psychology research labs. She plans on continuing her research path and pursuing advanced degrees in the field.

Focus: Business, Ethics, Gender, Human Rights, Peace, Philanthropy, Sustainability, United States, Americas

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2014

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