Steven Salsberg

Principal, Salsberg Group

New York, NY USA
Steven Salsberg is a well-known New York City entrepreneur in the technology and events businesses and a leader in sustainable business practices. He serves on the boards of City University of New York Law School, Friends of Hudson River Park, and Council on the Environment of NYC, where Mayor Bloomberg appointed him Vice Chairman. As a way to thank the city, the Salsberg Group has committed to building five sustainable restaurants, first of which is Cafe Notte, located on 84th Street & 2nd Ave. His companies include the two largest passenger ships in New York City, catering businesses, and technology ventures in NYC, Washington, Israel, and Latin America. In every one of these businesses, the Salsberg Group incorporates responsible social policy and sustainable operation policies in all of its ventures.

Steven is working with the EPA on a national recycling initiative in the restaurant and event industry and would be happy to discuss the Waste Wise program with interested event companies. Steven and his wife Orly participate in green and sustainability forums around New York City often. Orly, the CEO of Salsberg Group, has been a featured executive on, speaking about the Salsberg's sustainability practices.

Focus: Business, Environment, Technology, United States, Americas

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2009

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