Umair Haque

Director, Havas Media Lab

Umair Haque is director of the Havas Media Lab. He also blogs for Harvard Business and give lots of talks, speeches, and workshops. This year, he's focused on rethinking capitalism.

Umair started Bubblegeneration as a blog while studying for his MBA. Bubblegen turned into a strategy and innovation consultancy that worked with top-tier investors, entrepreneurs, and blue-chip corporates to build a better kind of business.

Haque studied neuroscience at McGill, did an MBA and research with Gary Hamel at London Business School, and more postgraduate work in economics, strategy, and innovation at Oxford. Before growing up, he was a writer, banker, derivatives trader, and strategy consultant.

Focus: Business, Economy, Finance, Technology, United Kingdom, United States, Americas, Europe

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Last Updated: Aug 06, 2009

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