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Pentti Aalto
Focus: Economy, Energy, Environment, Finance, Technology, Americas
Susan Aaronson
Focus: Business, Globalization, Human Rights, Trade, Economy, Ethics, Americas
Fazle Hasan Abed
Focus: Aid, Charity, Education, Ethics, Globalization
George T. Abed
Focus: Development, Economy, Energy, Finance, Governance, Tax, Middle East
Martin Pablo Abeles
Focus: Business, Development, Economy, Americas
John C. Abell
Focus: Culture, Technology, Americas
Arash Abizadeh
Focus: Culture, Democracy, Ethics, Migration, Americas
David S. Abraham
Focus: Business, Economy, Environment, Ethics, Globalization, Innovation, Mining, Trade, Technology
Pedro Abramovay
Organization: Open Society Foundations
Focus: Communication, Democracy, Law, Technology, Americas
David M. Abshire
Organizations: Center for the Study of the Presidency, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Focus: Security
Jairo Abud
Organization: Getulio Vargas Foundation, Centre for Social Policies
Focus: Economy, Americas
Charles Akelyira Abugre
Organizations: Christian Aid, TripleCrisis
Focus: Debt, Development, Economy, Globalization, Governance, Health, Poverty, Trade, Africa
Pranita Achyut
Focus: Gender, Ethics
Tony Addison
Focus: Development, Finance, Poverty, Security, Tax, Africa, Asia, Europe
Jake Adelstein
Focus: Culture, Gender, Human Rights, Migration, Americas, Asia
Dwi Adhiasto
Organization: Wildlife Conservation Society
Focus: Conservation, Environment, Law, Trade, Asia
Christopher Adkins
Focus: Business, Education, Ethics, Americas
Afra Raymond
Focus: Business, Corruption, Democracy, Finance, Governance, Americas, Oceania
Aradhna Aggarwal
Organization: University of Delhi, Department of Economics
Focus: Economy, Trade, Asia
Chukwuma Agu
Organization: African Institute for Applied Economics
Focus: Economy, Finance, Trade, Africa
Sartaz Ahmed
Organization: strategy+business
Focus: Business, Cities, Economy, Energy, Environment, Innovation, Science, Sustainability, Technology, Transportation, United States
Simone Ahuja
Focus: Business, Communication, Development, Innovation, Americas, Asia
Raji Ajwani-Ramchandani
Organization: Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development
Focus: Agriculture, Communication, Culture, Development, Education, Environment, Finance, Sustainability, Technology, Americas, Asia
Kwame Akonor
Organization: African Development Institute
Focus: Africa, Americas
Yilmaz Akyuz
Organization: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Focus: Development, Economy, Finance, Trade, Global
Grant Aldonas
Organization: Center for Strategic and International Studies
Focus: Business, Globalization, Governance, Tax, Trade, Americas
Saleem H. Ali
Focus: Business, Conservation, Development, Diplomacy, Education, Environment, Mining, Peace, Security, Sustainability, Americas, Asia, Global
Alissa Wilson
Focus: Democracy, Development, Education, Ethics, Security, Americas
Laurance Allen
Organization: Value News Network
Focus: Development, Governance, Globalization, Technology, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe
Brian Allenby
Organization: Reverb
Focus: Energy, Environment, Americas
Gar Alperovitz
Focus: Business, Democracy, Economy, Jobs, Security, Americas
Hakan Altinay
Organization: The Brookings Institution
Focus: Democracy, Development, Education, Ethics, Globalization, Governance, Europe, Middle East
Daniel Altman
Focus: Business, Economy, Energy, Globalization, Governance, Trade, Americas, Asia, Global
Philip Amaral
Organization: Jesuit Refugee Service Europe
Focus: Development, Human Rights, Migration, Europe
Stefanie Ambrosio
Organizations: Policy Innovations, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Focus: Business, Ethics, Gender, Human Rights, Peace, Philanthropy, Sustainability, Americas
Samir Amin
Organization: Forum du Tiers Monde (Third World Forum, FTM)
Focus: Development, Economy, Environment, Finance, Globalization, Governance, Poverty, Trade, Global, Africa
Sarah Anderson
Organization: Institute for Policy Studies
Focus: Business, Environment, Finance, Governance, Human Rights, Trade, Americas
Chris Anderson
Organization: TED
Focus: Communication, Culture, Education, Globalization, Innovation, Science, Technology, Americas, Asia, Europe
Steinar Andresen
Focus: Environment, Ethics
Dave Andrews
Focus: Energy, Environment, Science, Technology, Europe
Aniruddha Bonnerjee
Focus: Development, Economy, Education, Finance, Food, Gender, Health, Human Rights, Jobs, Youth, Africa, Americas, Asia, Global, Middle East
Kofi Annan
Focus: Development, Governance, Human Rights, Peace
Louise Arbour
Focus: Human Rights, Americas, Africa, Europe, Global
Dan Ariely
Focus: Health, Science, Americas, Europe
Elizabeth Arkell
Organization: Think Impact
Focus: Development, Education, Globalization, Health, Africa, Americas, Global
David Arkless
Focus: Business, Governance, Jobs, Americas, Asia, Global, Middle East
Phil Aroneanu
Focus: Energy, Environment, Americas, Global
Ernest Aryeetey
Organization: Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research
Focus: Development, Economy, Finance, Africa
Sergio Arzeni
Organization: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Focus: Development, Governance, Jobs, Europe
Philip E. Auerswald
Organization: Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization
Focus: Globalization, Governance, Science, Technology
Pat Auger
Focus: Business, Culture, Economy, Ethics, Globalization, Human Rights, Asia
Britta Augsburg
Focus: Development, Finance, Governance, Poverty, Global, Europe, Asia
Michael Auslin
Focus: Culture, Globalization, Governance, Americas
Mark Austin
Organization: Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media
Focus: Communication, Education, Asia
Shakeel Avadhany
Focus: Business, Energy, Innovation, Sustainability, Technology, Transportation, Americas
Christopher Avery
Organization: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Focus: Business, Human Rights, Europe, Global
Ersel Aydinli
Focus: Security, Middle East
David Aylward
Organization: Ashoka
Focus: Aid, Communication, Development, Health, Innovation, Technology, Africa, Americas

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