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Rebecca Laks
Rebecca Laks is a health and human rights practitioner. >Innovators >People
Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold   Publication
The international fair trade movement and the Alliance for Responsible Mining are working to bring to market the first-ever Fairtrade and Fairmined certified gold jewelry, using a clear set of standards. >Ideas >Policy Library
Can Bioregionalism Go Global Before Collapse?   Publication
Richard Evanoff, Evan O'Neil 08/10/12
Bioregionalism proposes an alternative future in which overconsumption is drastically reduced, the natural environment is preserved, and proactive measures are taken to provide basic needs. >Ideas >Briefings
Resources: From Curse to Blessing  
Joseph Stiglitz 08/09/12
With the right policies in place, and unhurried fair negotiation of contracts, natural resources can be blessing for developing countries. >Ideas >Innovations
William Powers
William Powers is a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute. >Innovators >People
Greening the Gold Standard   Transcript
Saleem H. Ali 07/14/11
From an ecological perspective, the gold standard has the attraction of linking economic growth to natural resource constraints, as well as the ability to instill financial discipline. >Ideas >Commentary
Obama's Tricky Trip to El Salvador   Transcript
Kevin Gallagher 03/24/11
Coming into office, Obama seemed to be in tune with Latin America in terms of economic policy, but the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations indicate an about-face. >Ideas >Commentary
Living Off the Grid  
William Powers, Julia Taylor Kennedy 11/09/10
William Powers discusses his time living off the land in a 12' cabin with no electricity or running water, ­and how that experience has changed his outlook on sustainability. >Ideas >Audio
To Stop Terrorism, Trade Fairly   Transcript
John Perkins 11/18/09
Our children's futures are interlocked with the futures of children born in the fishing villages of Somalia, the mountains of Burma, and the jungles of Colombia, yet we're hung up on one loaded word: terrorist. >Ideas >Commentary
Minding Our Minerals  
Saleem H. Ali 10/09/09
Certain resources are destined for depletion if they become locked into built infrastructure or recovery costs prove too high. But this could all change if more attention is paid globally to material cycling and consumer responsibility. We need a global strategy for efficient minerals extraction, use, and reclamation. >Ideas >Innovations
Lucille Pilling
Dr. Lucille B. Pilling is a corporate social responsibility strategist with expertise in corporate sustainability and global public health. >Innovators >People
Managing Water Well   Publication
Christina L. Madden 02/19/09
The economic stimulus bill signed this week by President Obama includes billions for water projects in the United States, but this is just a drop in the bucket when compared to the need for global water management. >Ideas >Briefings
Free Trade with a Human Face   Transcript
Jorge Castaneda 10/08/08
If the United States and Latin America can face up to the challenges of trade and immigration together, the next U.S. president may leave a weightier mark on the hemispheric relationship than any American leader in three generations. >Ideas >Commentary
Latin America Banks on Independence   Transcript
Mark Engler 01/31/08
The new Latin American Bank of the South aims to promote cooperative development policies more sensitive to the needs of the poor. Can its declaration of independence and unity hang together where internal disputes have previously thwarted regional dreams? >Ideas >Commentary
Robert Pollin
Robert Pollin is co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at UMass Amherst. >Innovators >People
Adam Dean
Adam Dean was awarded a Rotary Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship and is currently living in Sucre, Bolivia. >Innovators >People
Bilateral Investment Treaties   Publication
Biplove Choudhary 11/08/06
This paper would attempt to understand the development concerns with reference to standard BIT provisions with special reference to the explosion in investment arbitration and dispute settlement systems in recent years. >Ideas >Policy Library

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