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Eugene Leong
Eugene Leong is a visiting professor at Peking University, in the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. >Innovators >People
10 Lessons from San Fran for Cleaning China's Urban Air  
Eugene Leong 04/22/14
Former San Francisco planning advisor Eugene Leong gives ten key policy lessons for China's leadership on mitigating air pollution. >Ideas >Innovations
A United Front in the War for Wildlife   Transcript
Simon Hedges 04/04/14
Conservationists need a unified approach to stop the illegal trade in wildlife: species protection, human development, good governance, and enforcement. >Ideas >Commentary
Forced Evictions Defeat the Spirit of Big Sporting Events   Transcript
Priscila Néri 03/19/14
The evicted residents of Rio demand to be included in the benefits and the legacies of big tournaments like the World Cup and Olympics. >Ideas >Commentary
Dogs Ally with Elephants in the Fight Against Illegal Ivory   Transcript
Ruth Starkey 03/14/14
Sniffer dog teams are proving invaluable in the interdiction of illegal ivory and other wildlife parts as the contraband flows from Africa to Asia. >Ideas >Commentary
U.S.-China Cooperation and Planetary Resurgence   Transcript
James Hansen 02/24/14
Agreement by China and the United States on rising internal carbon fees would be a planetary turning point, opening the door to global ascendancy of clean energies. >Ideas >Commentary
CONTEST: Trans-Pacific Student Essays 2014
Carnegie Council announces its second Trans-Pacific Student Contest, a pioneering exercise in U.S.-Asia collaboration. DEADLINE: April 30, 2014. Check the guidelines for eligibility and other details. >Ideas
Poverty Is Never Just One Problem at a Time   Transcript
Prahlad Shekhawat 11/25/13
Only a multidimensional approach can determine who is poor, how they are poor, and which deprivations they experience simultaneously. Indian policymakers need these details. >Ideas >Commentary
Richard Brubaker
Richard Brubaker is the founder of Collective Responsibility and a visiting professor of sustainability at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai. >Innovators >People
Mike J. Thompson
Mike Thompson is cofounder of Good Leaders Online, and visiting professor of management practice at the China Europe International Business School. >Innovators >People
Lesser-known Species Fall Victim to the Illegal Wildlife Trade   Publication
Dwi Adhiasto 10/21/13
Pangolins, slow lorises, freshwater turtles, and other lesser-known species all face extinction pressures if we fail to curb the illegal wildlife trade. >Ideas >Briefings
Henry Grabar
Henry Grabar is a freelance writer and a former fellow at The Atlantic Cities. >Innovators >People
China's Electric Bicycle Boom: Will the Fashion Last?   Publication
Henry Grabar 09/25/13
Can e-bikes attract Chinese commuters who would have never considered a trip on a standard bike, or who can't afford to purchase an electric car? >Ideas >Briefings
James Farrer
James Farrer is professor of sociology at Sophia University in Tokyo. >Innovators >People
Scott Roberton
Scott Roberton is Vietnam country representative for Wildlife Conservation Society >Innovators >People
Corruption along the Vietnam-China Border Permits Massive Smuggling of Endangered Animals   Publication
Scott Roberton 08/07/13
Despite a recent surge in enforcement, more needs to be done to fight bribery and endangered animal smuggling on the porous Vietnam-China border. >Ideas >Briefings
The Next Social Contract  
Kemal Dervis 07/19/13
A radical reassessment of work, skill formation, retirement, and leisure is needed to cope with aging societies and evolving technologies. >Ideas >Innovations
Fear and Hoping under Global Warming  
Hal Harvey 07/17/13
Energy Innovation CEO Hal Harvey lays out the motivation, and some of the policy methods, for tackling global warming before it worsens. >Ideas >Video
Proven Anti-hunger Strategies   Publication
Thomas W. Pogge, Timothy Wise 07/16/13
Beyond economic growth and safety nets there exists a wide range of proven anti-hunger strategies that deserve greater attention in the current policy-making context. >Ideas >Policy Library
Jugaad: How Scarcity Drives Innovation  
Simone Ahuja 07/11/13
If necessity is the mother of invention, then scarcity is its grandmother, says Simone Ahuja in this TED talk. >Ideas >Video

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