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Mud People and Super Farmers   Publication
G. Pascal Zachary 10/03/13
In Africa, where land is relatively plentiful, property rights appear to be a solution looking for a problem. G. Pascal Zachary tells two tales of land-use improvisation in Uganda. >Ideas >Briefings
What the World Bank Does Not Understand About "Doing Business"   Transcript
Seth Kaplan 06/03/13
The World Bank's research on Doing Business fails to focus on the obstacles that matter most to entrepreneurs in emerging markets. >Ideas >Commentary
Innovation to the Rescue: New Ideas and Tech for Helping Refugees  
Rocco Nuri, Neha Bhat 03/21/13
The UN refugee agency is adopting an innovation-centered approach in pursuit of better services, products, and outcomes for displaced populations. >Ideas >Innovations
Send Salads to Ethiopia, and Solar Panels to Senegal   Transcript
Todd Moss 12/06/12
We wouldn't send salads as food relief to a starving country, so why is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation doing the equivalent in the energy sector? >Ideas >Commentary
Using ICT to Enable Agricultural Innovation Systems   Publication
The potential of ICTs to help small farmers exchange information is clear. World Bank and FAO hosted a discussion on current projects that are expected to bring beneficial results. >Ideas >Policy Library
Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives   Publication
Fifteen case studies in 12 countries demonstrate that natural resource efficiency is possible in small-scale bioenergy initiatives, such as biodigesters and efficient stoves. >Ideas >Policy Library
Millions of Poor Women Are Still Waiting to Reap the Benefits of Cairo   Publication
The 1994 Cairo conference put reproductive choice in the hands of women, but women living in poverty need more than empty pledges so that they too can take part in saving the Earth. >Ideas >Briefings
The Girl Effect: An Innovation Kitchen  
Swan Paik, Julia Taylor Kennedy 08/30/11
Investing in women and girls is like cooking in an innovation kitchen, says Swan Paik of the Nike Foundation. They have enormous potential to accelerate change. >Ideas >Audio
Generous India   Transcript
Shashi Tharoor 06/20/11
India's strength as an aid provider is that it is not an over-developed power, but rather one whose own experience of development is both recent and familiar. >Ideas >Commentary
Valid Solutions for Malnutrition  
Laurance Allen 04/05/11
Health and nutrition pioneer Steve Collins is building a social enterprise to battle severe acute malnutrition with ready-to-use therapeutic foods grown and manufactured in the developing world. >Ideas >Innovations
Public Works and Employment Programs   Publication
This working paper makes the case for longer-term development approaches to combat systemic poverty and assesses the desirability and feasibility of adopting Employment Guarantee programs. >Ideas >Policy Library
Assessing Progress in Africa toward the MDGs   Publication
There are indicators of hope in Africa with a 50 percent decrease in malaria in 15 countries and nine countries reaching 90 percent access to safe drinking water, yet this report also stresses Africa's struggle to meet health targets. >Ideas >Policy Library
Tegegnework Gettu
>Innovators >People
Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four
>Innovators >Organizations
Sparking a Glimmer of Hope   Publication
Laurance Allen 11/04/09
Social entrepreneur Philip Berber experiments with a new model for development aid by covering overhead costs through his A Glimmer of Hope Foundation so that donations go directly to recipients. >Ideas >Briefings
A Glimmer of Hope Foundation
>Innovators >Organizations
Smallpox—The Death of a Disease  
D. A. Henderson 10/28/09
Real-life hero D. A. Henderson reveals how a small but fiercely dedicated team under his direction succeeded in eliminating smallpox, a disease which had killed over half a billion people in the preceding 100 years. >Ideas >Audio
Lucille Pilling
Dr. Lucille B. Pilling is a corporate social responsibility strategist with expertise in corporate sustainability and global public health. >Innovators >People
Will the Economic Crisis Reverse Global Migration?   Publication
Jayati Ghosh 07/17/09
As the global economic crisis unfolds, it is clear that the patterns of migration and remittances are more complex than was previously imagined. The gender and sectoral dimensions of immigrant labor must be taken into account. >Ideas >Briefings
Water Wars   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs 05/01/09
Many of the global security hotspots lie in a great arc of arid lands where water scarcity is leading to failed crops, dying livestock, extreme poverty, and desperation. >Ideas >Commentary

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