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Ghana Builds Bamboo Bikes  
Bernice Dapaah, Neha Bhat 09/04/13
A bamboo bicycle builder in Ghana is working to end the triple problem of poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation by training rural migrants in manufacturing and business. >Ideas >Innovations
Ghana Bamboo Bikes
>Innovators >Organizations
Bernice Dapaah
Bernice Dapaah is executive director of Ghana Bamboo Bikes. >Innovators >People
Proven Anti-hunger Strategies   Publication
Thomas W. Pogge, Timothy Wise 07/16/13
Beyond economic growth and safety nets there exists a wide range of proven anti-hunger strategies that deserve greater attention in the current policy-making context. >Ideas >Policy Library
We Need a Better Measure of GDP in Poor Countries   Publication
Bill Gates 05/16/13
If GDP is an inaccurate indicator of growth in poor countries, how can we make good decisions about allocating development aid? >Ideas >Briefings
Breaking the Binary   Publication
This Schwab Foundation guide for scaling social innovation examines case studies of policy experimentation from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. >Ideas >Policy Library
The Optimist's Timeline  
Bill Gates 01/17/13
Digital empowerment is a long and ongoing process, says Bill Gates, but he remains optimistic that technological innovation will improve the lives of the poorest people. >Ideas >Innovations
Send Salads to Ethiopia, and Solar Panels to Senegal   Transcript
Todd Moss 12/06/12
We wouldn't send salads as food relief to a starving country, so why is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation doing the equivalent in the energy sector? >Ideas >Commentary
Using ICT to Enable Agricultural Innovation Systems   Publication
The potential of ICTs to help small farmers exchange information is clear. World Bank and FAO hosted a discussion on current projects that are expected to bring beneficial results. >Ideas >Policy Library
Resources: From Curse to Blessing  
Joseph Stiglitz 08/09/12
With the right policies in place, and unhurried fair negotiation of contracts, natural resources can be blessing for developing countries. >Ideas >Innovations
Millions of Poor Women Are Still Waiting to Reap the Benefits of Cairo   Publication
The 1994 Cairo conference put reproductive choice in the hands of women, but women living in poverty need more than empty pledges so that they too can take part in saving the Earth. >Ideas >Briefings
LeapFrog Investments
>Innovators >Organizations
Legislating Transparency in the Extractive Sector  
Kathryn M. Martorana 07/12/11
The SEC has an opportunity to demonstrate that the United States takes transparency and accountability seriously and intends to act as a global leader in fostering secure, equitable, long-term resource partnerships with developing nations. >Ideas >Innovations
Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research
>Innovators >Organizations
Assessing Progress in Africa toward the MDGs   Publication
There are indicators of hope in Africa with a 50 percent decrease in malaria in 15 countries and nine countries reaching 90 percent access to safe drinking water, yet this report also stresses Africa's struggle to meet health targets. >Ideas >Policy Library
Convicts for Export   Transcript
Brahma Cellaney 07/27/10
China has devised a novel strategy to relieve pressure on its overcrowded prisons: employ convicts as laborers on overseas projects in the developing world. >Ideas >Commentary
Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four
>Innovators >Organizations
Lucille Pilling
Dr. Lucille B. Pilling is a corporate social responsibility strategist with expertise in corporate sustainability and global public health. >Innovators >People
Fair Trade Trick-or-Treat   Publication
Children usually don costumes on Halloween to collect candy, but this year households will find a dark surprise when they open their doors: thousands of kids handing out fair trade chocolate. >Ideas >Briefings
Buying Power   Publication
This South Centre Analytical Note looks at the donor-driven agenda in the reform of public procurement-–the rules that guide government purchasing of goods, works and services--as one of the major components in the good governance agenda being incorporated by donors into their aid programmes. >Ideas >Policy Library

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