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Robert Dujarric
Robert Dujarric is Director, Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies at Temple University Japan Campus in Tokyo. >Innovators >People
Timothy Savage
Timothy Savage is Deputy Director of the Seoul branch of the Nautilus Institute for Security & Sustainable Development. From 1997-2002, he worked as Senior Program Officer for Northeast Asia at the Institute's headquarters in Berkeley, CA, where he coordinated cooperative engagement programs with North Korea. He also works as Associate Editor at OhmyNews International, an Internet-based newspaper. >Innovators >People
Anja Boenicke
Anja Boenicke is pursuing a Global MBA on a Korean Government Scholarship at Yonsei University, Seoul. >Innovators >People
CONTEST: Trans-Pacific Student Essays 2014
Carnegie Council announces its second Trans-Pacific Student Contest, a pioneering exercise in U.S.-Asia collaboration. DEADLINE: April 30, 2014. Check the guidelines for eligibility and other details. >Ideas
Stop Subsidizing Climate Change   Transcript
Kevin Watkins 11/06/13
The inconsistencies between climate goals and energy policies are stark. Eliminating fossil-fuel subsidies would be one step in the right direction. >Ideas >Commentary
The Right Social Policies Can Promote Intergenerational Ethics  
Jan Hofmeyer 09/06/13
A new study by Bertelsmann Foundation analyzes fairness between the young and the old, and provides policy solutions for governments in aging societies. >Ideas >Innovations
Mattia Romani
Mattia Romani is deputy director general, Global Green Growth Institute. >Innovators >People
The Asian Century: Over Before It Even Began   Transcript
Devin T. Stewart, 01/03/13
Between territorial disputes, cultural incoherence, and divided views on the role of the state, don't expect an Asian Century to start anytime soon, says Devin T. Stewart. >Ideas >Commentary
As Asia Waltzes Forward on Two Right Feet, America Fixates on the Middle East   Transcript
James Farrer 11/20/12
The United States can be effective in its pivot toward Asia by using its influence to help resolve territorial disputes and defuse the rightward lurch in China and Japan. >Ideas >Commentary
Power, Process, Purpose: Elected Members of the Security Council Can Be Effective  
Alex Bellamy, Tim Dunne 11/12/12
When they are prepared to work hard and innovate, non-permanent members can leave an indelible mark on the UN Security Council, as Canada did through its activism on the Angola sanctions committee. >Ideas >Innovations
Finding the Keys to National Prosperity   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs 09/27/12
Swedish pensions. Canadian health care. Costa Rican happiness. American science. By opening our eyes to policy successes abroad, we would speed the path to national improvement in countries around the world. >Ideas >Commentary
Resources: From Curse to Blessing  
Joseph Stiglitz 08/09/12
With the right policies in place, and unhurried fair negotiation of contracts, natural resources can be blessing for developing countries. >Ideas >Innovations
Geoffrey Cain
Geoffrey Cain is a freelance journalist covering press and Internet freedoms. He was a Fulbright scholar in Vietnam from 2010 to 2011. >Innovators >People
Doing Development Better  
Dani Rodrik 05/14/12
The best recent work in development policy indicates a convergence around diagnostic, pragmatic, experimental, and context-specific strategies. >Ideas >Innovations
Richard Solomon
Richard H. Solomon has been president of the United States Institute of Peace since 1993. >Innovators >People
Why a Focus on Inequality in Fragile States Is Wrong   Transcript
Seth Kaplan 05/09/12
Many in the development field think that reducing inequality in poor countries should be a high priority, but this reflects a misunderstanding of the problems poor people face in fragile states, and the steps that would help them. >Ideas >Commentary
Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2011  
Daniel Altman, Ian Bremmer, Zachary Karabell, Art Kleiner 02/01/11
Our annual roundtable surveys the shape of things to come in 2011 and sees profound risk in a G-Zero leaderless world, while emerging markets will drive decades of growth. >Ideas >Video
Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant   Publication
This report provides the first comprehensive comparison of public investments by the United States and key Asian competitors in core clean energy technologies, including solar, wind, and nuclear power, carbon capture and storage, advanced vehicles and batteries, and high-speed rail. >Ideas >Policy Library
What Asian Century?  
Guy Sorman 04/05/10
The shift of economic and political power from West to East does not signal an Asian Century, but rather the first Global Century, marked by interdependence and reciprocal progress. >Ideas >Innovations
Obama's "New" Trade Policy: What Happened to Multilateralism?   Transcript
Kevin Gallagher 03/22/10
The Obama administration's new trade agenda shows little consideration for developing countries and may hurt the United States in the long run. >Ideas >Commentary

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