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Ebola: What Went Wrong?   Transcript
In a chronically underfunded global health system whose needs are so often eclipsed by issues of national insecurity and expediency, it is time to tackle Ebola strategically. >Ideas >Commentary
Ice Buckets and Ebola   Transcript
Abdulrahman M. El Sayed 09/11/14
As the ice-bucket craze to raise money for ALS spread across Facebook and Twitter, Ebola began ravaging swaths of West Africa. If these communities also had access to ice and the Internet, they, too, might start their own challenge. Until then, they must rely on the demonstrated humanity of others. >Ideas >Commentary
Health in a Time of Ebola   Transcript
Prabhjot Singh 08/20/14
Efforts to respond to an epidemic should not undercut investment in community health workers. These medical staff are vital in areas where access to proper care and trust is limited. >Ideas >Commentary
3 Tools for Turning Fragile States into Inclusive Societies   Transcript
Seth Kaplan 05/21/14
In Seth Kaplan's new book he identifies three tools for successful development in fragile states: social cohesion, an inclusive ideology, and incentives for elites. >Ideas >Commentary
Paradoxes and Dilemmas for Stakeholder Responsive Firms in the Extractive Sector: Lessons from the case of Shell and the Ogoni   Publication
David Wheeler, Heike Fabig and Richard Boele describe the case of Shell and the Ogoni and attempt to draw out some of the lessons of that case for more sustainable operations in the developing world. >Ideas >Policy Library
What the World Bank Does Not Understand About "Doing Business"   Transcript
Seth Kaplan 06/03/13
The World Bank's research on Doing Business fails to focus on the obstacles that matter most to entrepreneurs in emerging markets. >Ideas >Commentary
Todd Moss
Todd Moss is vice president for programs and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development. >Innovators >People
Social Covenants Must Precede Social Contracts   Transcript
Seth Kaplan 04/09/13
Fragile states that do not first forge a social covenant will later find it difficult to codify justice in a social contract. >Ideas >Commentary
Send Salads to Ethiopia, and Solar Panels to Senegal   Transcript
Todd Moss 12/06/12
We wouldn't send salads as food relief to a starving country, so why is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation doing the equivalent in the energy sector? >Ideas >Commentary
Forecasting the Future of Countries  
Seth Kaplan 11/05/12
Measuring how countries develop is all the rage, but are these indicators examining the most appropriate data? Seth Kaplan says it's time we start looking more at social and political performance. >Ideas >Innovations
How Academia Has Failed the Development Field   Transcript
Seth Kaplan 08/29/12
The hyper-quantification of economics has encouraged an erroneous belief that politics and institutions do not matter. To fix this we must create a separate academic profession focused on political development, and the politics of development. >Ideas >Commentary
Anya Schiffrin
Anya Schiffrin is director of the International Media, Advocacy and Communications Specialization at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs.. >Innovators >People
City Development States: Why Lagos Works Better than Nigeria  
Seth Kaplan 05/29/12
With a national government plagued by corruption and poisoned by dependence on oil money, state- and city-led development may be the best way for Nigeria to achieve progress. >Ideas >Innovations
David Steven
David Steven specializes in risk and resilience as a non-resident fellow at the Center on International Cooperation. >Innovators >People
Doing Development Better  
Dani Rodrik 05/14/12
The best recent work in development policy indicates a convergence around diagnostic, pragmatic, experimental, and context-specific strategies. >Ideas >Innovations
Do World Bank Country Classifications Hurt the Poor?  
Seth Kaplan 03/12/12
The incoming World Bank president should create a more sophisticated system for classifying countries as low or middle income, using broad development indicators. >Ideas >Innovations
Aniruddha Bonnerjee
Aniruddha Bonnerjee is an applied economist based in Kolkata, India and currently the owner of Policymetrixa, a research think tank specializing in socioeconomic development and bespoke quantitative data analyses. >Innovators >People
Ike Okonta
Ike Okonta, an Abuja-based policy analyst and writer, is currently a fellow of the Open Society Institute, New York. >Innovators >People
The Nigerian Crucible   Transcript
Ike Okonta 02/01/12
With a corrupt and rudderless government, Africa's most populous country has resumed its dance on the edge of the precipice. Its poor and powerless citizens are demanding transparency and accountability. >Ideas >Commentary
The Strategy to Eradicate Polio  
Bruce Aylward 06/06/11
Almost isn't good enough with a disease this terrifying, says Bruce Aylward. He lays out the plan to snuff out polio everywhere, forever. >Ideas >Video

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