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The Right Social Policies Can Promote Intergenerational Ethics  
Jan Hofmeyer 09/06/13
A new study by Bertelsmann Foundation analyzes fairness between the young and the old, and provides policy solutions for governments in aging societies. >Ideas >Innovations
Comparative Research Program on Poverty
>Innovators >Organizations
Celebrating the World's Best Disarmament Policies   Publication
World Future Council has nominated a range of innovative approaches to disarmament for its 2013 Future Policy Award. They will be judged on their sustainable development and human security impact. >Ideas >Briefings
Exporting Expertise: Lessons from Brazil's Forest Success   Publication
Doug Boucher, Evan O'Neil 02/13/13
It took a broad group of actors to reduce Brazilian deforestation by 75 percent in seven years. Now, their success can be emulated in other tropical countries. >Ideas >Briefings
Finding the Keys to National Prosperity   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs 09/27/12
Swedish pensions. Canadian health care. Costa Rican happiness. American science. By opening our eyes to policy successes abroad, we would speed the path to national improvement in countries around the world. >Ideas >Commentary
Protecting Nature's Nomads  
Achim Steiner 11/28/11
Since the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species entered into force in 1983, it has led to agreements to conserve more than 26 creatures, so that future generations can also marvel at these nomads of the natural world. >Ideas >Innovations
Legislating Transparency in the Extractive Sector  
Kathryn M. Martorana 07/12/11
The SEC has an opportunity to demonstrate that the United States takes transparency and accountability seriously and intends to act as a global leader in fostering secure, equitable, long-term resource partnerships with developing nations. >Ideas >Innovations
Generous India   Transcript
Shashi Tharoor 06/20/11
India's strength as an aid provider is that it is not an over-developed power, but rather one whose own experience of development is both recent and familiar. >Ideas >Commentary
Clean Trade in Natural Resources  
Leif Wenar, John Tessitore 06/02/11
Consumers are often unwittingly in business with dictators, corrupt officials, and armed groups, says Leif Wenar. Yet we could change our laws to make powerful groups in exporting countries accountable to their own people. >Ideas >Audio
Better Safe than Sorry  
Susan Aaronson, Ian Higham 02/28/11
Corporate executives should never have to apologize for violations when they can instead build global opportunities by advancing human rights. >Ideas >Innovations
Innovating Sovereign Wealth Funds  
Saleem H. Ali, Gary Flomenhoft 02/17/11
As we struggle to tackle financial and ecological sustainability, sovereign wealth funds such as in Alaska deserve far greater attention for positive adoption. >Ideas >Innovations
Too Much Transparency?   Publication
Peter Singer 08/16/10
Complete government transparency is utopian in a world where terrorists seek to commit atrocities, yet on the whole a more transparent community is likely to be a better one. >Ideas >Briefings
Kevin Bales
Dr. Kevin Bales is president of Free the Slaves. >Innovators >People
Does Legalizing Prostitution Work?   Transcript
How does the Dutch policy of legalizing prostitution compare with the Swedish approach of decriminalizing the sale of sex and naming and shaming the clients? >Ideas >Commentary
Big Green Jobs Machine   Transcript
Ban Ki-moon 10/31/08
Only a global embrace of green growth offers the world an enduring prospect of long-term social well-being and prosperity. >Ideas >Commentary
Sovereign Wealth Funds under Scrutiny   Publication
Christina L. Madden 05/21/08
Sovereign wealth funds could face a backlash if they fail to allay concerns over transparency. >Ideas >Briefings
Liberalization of Trade in Health Services   Publication
The right to health is bestowed on human beings through national constitutions and various international legal instruments that have been signed and ratified by many, if not all, governments of the world. Inherent herein is the right to access basic health services; which imposes an obligation on states to ensure that these services are universally accessible to all their constituents. >Ideas >Policy Library
Mandatory Disclosure of the Source and Origin of Biological Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge under the TRIPS Agreement   Publication
One of the most critical multilateral processes for developing countries rich in biodiversity and traditional knowledge is the establishment of a disclosure requirement. The objective of this policy brief is to analyze the main elements of the disclosure requirement, the approaches of WTO member states and recommend a way forward. >Ideas >Policy Library
Increasing Poverty in a Globalised World   Publication
Erik Reinert 12/01/03
During the 1990s, a majority of the world's nations have experienced falling real wages – in many cases real wages have declined both rapidly and considerably. In some of the former communist countries a human crisis of large proportions is evolving. >Ideas >Policy Library

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