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A New Primate Education Network Connects Conservationists  
Tom Handley 06/04/13
The Primate Education Network is a one-stop shop for conservationists to connect and build relationships, share resources and best practices, and receive training. >Ideas >Innovations
Breaking the Binary   Publication
This Schwab Foundation guide for scaling social innovation examines case studies of policy experimentation from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. >Ideas >Policy Library
Send Salads to Ethiopia, and Solar Panels to Senegal   Transcript
Todd Moss 12/06/12
We wouldn't send salads as food relief to a starving country, so why is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation doing the equivalent in the energy sector? >Ideas >Commentary
Kathryn M. Martorana
Kathryn M. Martorana is currently an MA candidate at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. >Innovators >People
Brazil as an Emerging Environmental Donor   Publication
Kathryn Hochstetler 04/17/12
Under the banner of solidarity diplomacy, Brazil is spreading its homegrown development innovations, including biofuel technologies. >Ideas >Briefings
Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives   Publication
Fifteen case studies in 12 countries demonstrate that natural resource efficiency is possible in small-scale bioenergy initiatives, such as biodigesters and efficient stoves. >Ideas >Policy Library
Legislating Transparency in the Extractive Sector  
Kathryn M. Martorana 07/12/11
The SEC has an opportunity to demonstrate that the United States takes transparency and accountability seriously and intends to act as a global leader in fostering secure, equitable, long-term resource partnerships with developing nations. >Ideas >Innovations
Assessing Progress in Africa toward the MDGs   Publication
There are indicators of hope in Africa with a 50 percent decrease in malaria in 15 countries and nine countries reaching 90 percent access to safe drinking water, yet this report also stresses Africa's struggle to meet health targets. >Ideas >Policy Library
International Crisis Group
>Innovators >Organizations
Water Wars   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs 05/01/09
Many of the global security hotspots lie in a great arc of arid lands where water scarcity is leading to failed crops, dying livestock, extreme poverty, and desperation. >Ideas >Commentary
Multi-Functional Platform in Senegal  
Negar Rachel Treister 06/22/07
In the Senegalese village of Bantantinty, labor-saving technology is boosting agricultural productivity, creating jobs, and generating income. The UNDP-sponsored Multi-Functional Platform performs a range of tasks that previously fell to the village women, easing their dawn-to-dusk workload and freeing their children to attend school. >Ideas >Innovations
A West African Union  
Seth Kaplan 04/05/07
Debt relief will offer West African states short-term help, but a strong regional organization is needed to cure deep-rooted troubles. Local leaders must be given the authority and responsibility to develop such an organization, but they will need financial and technical support from the international community. >Ideas >Innovations
International Development Research Centre
>Innovators >Organizations
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA)
>Innovators >Organizations
Comparison of National Poverty Reduction Strategies: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mali and Senegal   Publication
Jean-Luc Dubois - The objective of this paper is to highlight the main common features - and to explain the reasons for the differences - of the poverty reduction strategies presently implemented in four particular sub-Saharan Africa countries : Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mali and Senegal. >Ideas >Policy Library

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