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A New Primate Education Network Connects Conservationists  
Tom Handley 06/04/13
The Primate Education Network is a one-stop shop for conservationists to connect and build relationships, share resources and best practices, and receive training. >Ideas >Innovations
Breaking the Binary   Publication
This Schwab Foundation guide for scaling social innovation examines case studies of policy experimentation from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. >Ideas >Policy Library
Send Salads to Ethiopia, and Solar Panels to Senegal   Transcript
Todd Moss 12/06/12
We wouldn't send salads as food relief to a starving country, so why is the Overseas Private Investment Corporation doing the equivalent in the energy sector? >Ideas >Commentary
Kathryn M. Martorana
Kathryn M. Martorana is currently an MA candidate at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. >Innovators >People
Brazil as an Emerging Environmental Donor   Publication
Kathryn Hochstetler 04/17/12
Under the banner of solidarity diplomacy, Brazil is spreading its homegrown development innovations, including biofuel technologies. >Ideas >Briefings
Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives   Publication
Fifteen case studies in 12 countries demonstrate that natural resource efficiency is possible in small-scale bioenergy initiatives, such as biodigesters and efficient stoves. >Ideas >Policy Library
Legislating Transparency in the Extractive Sector  
Kathryn M. Martorana 07/12/11
The SEC has an opportunity to demonstrate that the United States takes transparency and accountability seriously and intends to act as a global leader in fostering secure, equitable, long-term resource partnerships with developing nations. >Ideas >Innovations
Assessing Progress in Africa toward the MDGs   Publication
There are indicators of hope in Africa with a 50 percent decrease in malaria in 15 countries and nine countries reaching 90 percent access to safe drinking water, yet this report also stresses Africa's struggle to meet health targets. >Ideas >Policy Library
International Crisis Group
>Innovators >Organizations
Water Wars   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs 05/01/09
Many of the global security hotspots lie in a great arc of arid lands where water scarcity is leading to failed crops, dying livestock, extreme poverty, and desperation. >Ideas >Commentary
Multi-Functional Platform in Senegal  
Negar Rachel Treister 06/22/07
In the Senegalese village of Bantantinty, labor-saving technology is boosting agricultural productivity, creating jobs, and generating income. The UNDP-sponsored Multi-Functional Platform performs a range of tasks that previously fell to the village women, easing their dawn-to-dusk workload and freeing their children to attend school. >Ideas >Innovations
A West African Union  
Seth Kaplan 04/05/07
Debt relief will offer West African states short-term help, but a strong regional organization is needed to cure deep-rooted troubles. Local leaders must be given the authority and responsibility to develop such an organization, but they will need the financial and technical support of the international community if they are to succeed. >Ideas >Innovations
International Development Research Centre
>Innovators >Organizations
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA)
>Innovators >Organizations
Comparison of National Poverty Reduction Strategies: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mali and Senegal   Publication
Jean-Luc Dubois - The objective of this paper is to highlight the main common features - and to explain the reasons for the differences - of the poverty reduction strategies presently implemented in four particular sub-Saharan Africa countries : Cameroon, Ethiopia, Mali and Senegal. >Ideas >Policy Library

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