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Anjanette DeCarlo
Anjanette DeCarlo is currently a visiting professor of environmental studies at St. Michael's College. >Innovators >People
Health in a Time of Ebola   Transcript
Prabhjot Singh 08/20/14
Efforts to respond to an epidemic should not undercut investment in community health workers. These medical staff are vital in areas where access to proper care and trust is limited. >Ideas >Commentary
Think Impact
>Innovators >Organizations
Clean Trade in Natural Resources  
Leif Wenar, John Tessitore 06/02/11
Consumers are often unwittingly in business with dictators, corrupt officials, and armed groups, says Leif Wenar. Yet we could change our laws to make powerful groups in exporting countries accountable to their own people. >Ideas >Audio
Valid Solutions for Malnutrition  
Laurance Allen 04/05/11
Health and nutrition pioneer Steve Collins is building a social enterprise to battle severe acute malnutrition with ready-to-use therapeutic foods grown and manufactured in the developing world. >Ideas >Innovations
Assessing Progress in Africa toward the MDGs   Publication
There are indicators of hope in Africa with a 50 percent decrease in malaria in 15 countries and nine countries reaching 90 percent access to safe drinking water, yet this report also stresses Africa's struggle to meet health targets. >Ideas >Policy Library
Developing a Reconciliation Indicator  
Anjanette DeCarlo, Saleem H. Ali 01/19/10
A composite indicator is needed to substantiate the impact of community-led reconciliation processes and to better target sustainable development aid in post-conflict zones. >Ideas >Innovations
Tegegnework Gettu
>Innovators >People
>Innovators >Organizations
Liberalization of Trade in Health Services   Publication
The right to health is bestowed on human beings through national constitutions and various international legal instruments that have been signed and ratified by many, if not all, governments of the world. Inherent herein is the right to access basic health services; which imposes an obligation on states to ensure that these services are universally accessible to all their constituents. >Ideas >Policy Library
Property Rights and the Resource Curse  
Leif Wenar 04/30/07
In a series of articles, Leif Wenar confronts the fact that raw materials used to make consumer goods are often stolen from the poorest people in the world. Repressive regimes violate property rights and sell a country's resources in international markets, siphoning off the money to retain power. This resource curse leaves the bulk of the population mired in poverty. >Ideas >Innovations
Property Rights and the Resource Curse (SERIES)   Publication
Leif Wenar 04/29/07
Read the collected Property Rights and the Resource Curse series in which Leif Wenar describes two enforcement mechanisms for sanctioning those who buy resources from the worst regimes: litigation in rich-country courts against the international corporations that transport the stolen goods, and an anti-theft trade policy that enables rich countries to penalize states that buy resources from disqualified regimes. >Ideas >Policy Library
A West African Union  
Seth Kaplan 04/05/07
Debt relief will offer West African states short-term help, but a strong regional organization is needed to cure deep-rooted troubles. Local leaders must be given the authority and responsibility to develop such an organization, but they will need financial and technical support from the international community. >Ideas >Innovations
A Girl's Best Friend? Conflict Diamonds and Corporate Social Responsibility   Publication
Negar Rachel Treister 08/23/06
By the time diamonds reach New York City shops, most have made an arduous journey from large dirt pits in Africa, passing through the hands of local miners, international corporations, politicians, and even rebel groups on occasion. >Ideas >Briefings

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