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Sheridan Prasso
Sheridan Prasso is an award-winning writer and editor. >Innovators >People
Anak Pattanavibool
Anak Pattanavibool is country director for the Wildlife Conservation Society's Thailand Program. >Innovators >People
Saving Tigers in Thailand   Publication
Anak Pattanavibool 05/13/14
A potent combo of tactics is saving Thai tigers: science, government-NGO partnership, new technologies, judiciary enforcement, and honor for the brave and fallen park rangers. >Ideas >Briefings
Simon Hedges
Simon Hedges is the Asian elephant coordinator and ivory trade policy analyst at the Wildlife Conservation Society. >Innovators >People
CONTEST: Trans-Pacific Student Essays 2014
Carnegie Council announces its second Trans-Pacific Student Contest, a pioneering exercise in U.S.-Asia collaboration. DEADLINE: April 30, 2014. Check the guidelines for eligibility and other details. >Ideas
Using SMART Technology to Stop Wildlife Poachers  
Emma Stokes 05/17/13
Several major wildlife organizations collaborated on a free, open-source Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool to help park rangers improve their anti-poaching patrols. >Ideas >Innovations
Rohit Malpani
Rohit Malpani is a Senior Campaigns Advisor at Oxfam America, where he currently manages Oxfam's access to medicines campaign. >Innovators >People
Richard Solomon
Richard H. Solomon has been president of the United States Institute of Peace since 1993. >Innovators >People
Small-Scale Bioenergy Initiatives   Publication
Fifteen case studies in 12 countries demonstrate that natural resource efficiency is possible in small-scale bioenergy initiatives, such as biodigesters and efficient stoves. >Ideas >Policy Library
The Climate Change Novel: A Faulty Simulator of Environmental Politics   Publication
Adam Trexler 11/07/11
Ultimatums. Floods. Ecotage. More than 200 novels have been written that imagine life in a climate-changed world, and they point to some of the fundamental difficulties we have in articulating a just and sustainable future. >Ideas >Briefings
Focus on the Global South
>Innovators >Organizations
Saving the Last Tiger Strongholds   Publication
An additional $35 million per year for population monitoring, stronger law enforcement, and community organizing could enable tiger numbers to double in their last 42 strongholds. >Ideas >Briefings
Forced to Labor: The Cost of Coercion
Robert Moossy, Roger Plant, Maria Suarez
Millions of people are stuck in modern forced labor, often tricked into massive fees for visas and transport. They repay these inflated debts by working in substandard conditions, for well below minimum wage, and perhaps twice the normal working hours. This Workshop for Ethics in Business will feature trafficking and forced labor experts from the U.S. Dept. of Justice and the ILO, as well as a personal account from a former slave. >Events
Obama's ASEAN Policy Looks Auspicious   Transcript
Sean Daly 05/19/10
American diplomacy in Southeast Asia should strengthen ASEAN's regional prominence and push for an international forum to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea. >Ideas >Commentary
What Asian Century?  
Guy Sorman 04/05/10
The shift of economic and political power from West to East does not signal an Asian Century, but rather the first Global Century, marked by interdependence and reciprocal progress. >Ideas >Innovations
Heather Grady
Heather Grady is the managing director at Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization Initiative. >Innovators >People
Katherine Brown
Katherine Brown is a fellow with the Truman National Security Project. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in communications at Columbia University, where she is researching the intersections of global and domestic public opinion, media, and U.S. foreign policy. >Innovators >People
Mark Raper
Father Mark Raper SJ is since 2008 the president of the Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania. >Innovators >People
Lucille Pilling
Dr. Lucille B. Pilling is a corporate social responsibility strategist with expertise in corporate sustainability and global public health. >Innovators >People
Peter Warr
Peter Warr is the John Crawford Professor of Agricultural Economics and founding Director of the Poverty Research Centre at the Australian National University. >Innovators >People

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