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Rocco Nuri
Rocco Nuri is communications officer for UNHCR Innovation. >Innovators >People
Ndiame Diop
Ndiame Diop from Senegal is the World Bank lead economist for Indonesia. >Innovators >People
Social Covenants Must Precede Social Contracts   Transcript
Seth Kaplan 04/09/13
Fragile states that do not first forge a social covenant will later find it difficult to codify justice in a social contract. >Ideas >Commentary
Neha Bhat
Neha Bhat is a researcher on international refugee law and its intersection with climate change, counter-terrorism, and national security. >Innovators >People
Fostering Social Entrepreneurship in the New Tunisia  
Ivan Pinto, Dinara Rafikova 11/21/12
With educated youth and a nation awakening to its social and political needs, the time is ripe for social entrepreneurs to flourish in post-revolutionary Tunisia. >Ideas >Innovations
The Global Imagination of Protest   Transcript
Anya Schiffrin, Eamon Kircher-Allen 07/06/12
These were not just political revolutions. They were also revolutions of ideas, the globalization of protest as a strategy. Where the movements' gains are uncertain, the connectivity that they created is likely to endure. >Ideas >Commentary
Globalizing Censorship   Transcript
Geoffrey Cain 06/28/12
Consent of the Network by Rebecca MacKinnon is a must-read on how businesses and governments wield influence over the Internet. >Ideas >Commentary
Aniruddha Bonnerjee
Aniruddha Bonnerjee is an applied economist based in Kolkata, India and currently the owner of Policymetrixa, a research think tank specializing in socioeconomic development and bespoke quantitative data analyses. >Innovators >People
The Globalization of Protest   Transcript
Joseph Stiglitz 11/04/11
The protesters are asking for a democracy where people matter more than profits, and a market economy that delivers what it is supposed to within a frame of appropriate regulations. >Ideas >Commentary
Occupation: Rediscovering Democracy in Revolution   Transcript
Mehmet Dosemeci 10/19/11
By showing us the possibility of democracy in revolution, the occupations of 2011 have ignited a revolution in democracy, one that is redefining the meaning of both terms. >Ideas >Commentary
Globalization's (Local) Government   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs 09/30/11
The world's most successful economies today use high taxes to finance a high level of government services, balancing high prosperity with social justice and environmental sustainability. >Ideas >Commentary
Let's Take Back the Internet!  
Rebecca MacKinnon 07/27/11
How can we ensure that the Internet evolves in a citizen-centric manner, free from government censorship and in service of people's needs? >Ideas >Video
Critical Regions in Crisis  
Nikolas K. Gvosdev, David Speedie, Devin T. Stewart, Dov Waxman 06/01/11
Our fourth Rise of the Rest panel analyzes the challenges that rising and established powers must confront, from protests across the Middle East to the disasters in Japan, from high food prices to natural resources insecurity. >Ideas >Video
Better Safe than Sorry  
Susan Aaronson, Ian Higham 02/28/11
Corporate executives should never have to apologize for violations when they can instead build global opportunities by advancing human rights. >Ideas >Innovations
The Net Delusion  
Evgeny Morozov 02/18/11
Amid the euphoria over the power of social media, Evgeny Morozov notes that Internet tools can also serve to entrench dictators and threaten democracy movements. >Ideas >Video
Assessing Progress in Africa toward the MDGs   Publication
There are indicators of hope in Africa with a 50 percent decrease in malaria in 15 countries and nine countries reaching 90 percent access to safe drinking water, yet this report also stresses Africa's struggle to meet health targets. >Ideas >Policy Library
Khaled Dawoud
Born in Egypt, Khaled Dawoud has been the correspondent for Al Jazeera's Satellite Channel in New York since October 2006, covering mainly the United Nations and major news stories that take place in the United States. >Innovators >People

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