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Crop Gene Banks Are Preserving The Future Of Agriculture. But Who’s Preserving Them?   Transcript
As climate change makes crop diversity even more important, gene banks struggle to stay afloat. >Ideas >Commentary
Food is Political   Transcript
Naomi Starkman 11/13/15
In order to put food on the political agenda, we can't just buy our way to a better food system. >Ideas >Commentary
Naomi Starkman
Naomi Starkman is a founder and the editor-in-chief of "Civil Eats." >Innovators >People
GMOs, Silver Bullets, And the Trap of Reductionist Thinking   Transcript
The biggest problem with GMOs isn't technology. It’s when technology is used as a silver bullet, without considering the broader context within which it operates. >Ideas >Commentary
A Bad Bet on Synthetic Biology   Transcript
Silvia Ribeiro and Jim Thomas use the introduction of a new sweetener to illustrate the dangers of synthetic biology. >Ideas >Commentary
Fighting Obesity Requires a Choice: Profit or Public Health?   Transcript
Roberto De Vogli, Noemi Renzetti 10/15/15
Unless governments take steps to promote healthy diets and discourage consumption of ultra-processed products, chances to stop and reverse the obesity epidemic remain quite slim. >Ideas >Commentary
GMOs and Junk Science   Transcript
Henry I. Miller, Kavin Senapathy 10/02/15
Henry I. Miller & Kavin Senapathy condemn the latest example of bogus research attacking the safety of genetically modified foods. >Ideas >Commentary
Kelly Hodgins
Kelly is a farm-grown, small-town raised food-justice and agriculture advocate. >Innovators >People
Satellites Spot Deforestation in Almost-approved Peruvian National Park   Transcript
A proposed national park in Peru sits on the apparent cusp of approval, even as it suffers deforestation at the hands of illegal loggers, miners, and coca growers. >Ideas >Commentary
Revolution and Reaction in Biopharming   Transcript
Henry I. Miller 06/23/15
Henry I. Miller says that over-zealous regulation is preventing plants' drug-making potential from being realized. >Ideas >Commentary
The Next Pig Idea  
Irene Pedruelo 06/15/15
Food waste expert and environmentalist, Tristram Stuart, has had an unexpectedly big idea that could change the world. >Ideas >Innovations
Full Planet, Empty Plates   Transcript
"We are in transition today from an age of surpluses to an age of scarcity," says Lester Brown. The reasons are manifold and include population growth, climate change, and water scarcity. >Ideas >Commentary
Reversing Climate Change: A Vision of an Organic Planet  
"Coach" Mark Smallwood 05/05/15
Mark Smallwood, executive director at Rodale Institute, claims that a global shift to regenerative organic agriculture can reverse climate change. >Ideas >Innovations
"Coach" Mark Smallwood
"Coach" Mark Smallwood is executive director at Rodale Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. >Innovators >People
Save Our Soils   Transcript
Healthy soils are crucial to human survival. We rely on them not only for food production, but also to help regulate Earth's climate, storing more carbon than all of the world’s forests combined. >Ideas >Commentary
Tourism, Farmers, & Technology in Africa: A Conversation With Eddie Mandhry from NYU Africa House   Transcript
Eddie Mandhry, Alex Woodson 03/06/15
"Across Africa there is a movement where people are adopting technologies and leapfrogging some of the developmental stages that you'd have to go through." >Ideas >Commentary
Eddie Mandhry
Eddie Mandhry is associate director of NYU Africa House and a member of the Carnegie New Leaders Steering Committee. >Innovators >People
Eating "Ugly," a New Healthy Trend  
Jordan Figueiredo 03/04/15
England and France are using creativity to push consumers to buy "ugly" fruits and vegetables. >Ideas >Innovations
Jordan Figueiredo
Jordan Figueiredo is a zero waste professional and food waste geek from California. >Innovators >People
"Soy is a Huge Cloud Over All Agriculture"  
Irene Pedruelo 01/22/15
Kathryn Redford has a mission: revolutionize the meat industry. How? By using insects in animal feed, instead of soy or corn. >Ideas >Innovations

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