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Putting Public Health on the Map   Transcript
Christopher J. Murray explains how geospatial mapping can improve the measurement and management of local disease burdens. >Ideas >Commentary
The Internet of Things Is Now a Thing   Transcript
Several ventures now under way in developing countries show how networks of connected machines can drive economic growth. >Ideas >Commentary
A Fish Called Development   Transcript
A call for world leaders to eliminate harmful fisheries subsidies at the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in December. >Ideas >Commentary
Can Human-Centered Design "Fix" Humanitarian Aid?  
Julia Taylor Kennedy 10/05/15
Design thinking has emerged as a new tool in humanitarianism. Proponents of the trend believe it can solve the problem long plaguing the aid community: that great ideas fail to be adopted in poor communities because they don't always take context into account. >Ideas >Innovations
More Than a Meal  
Technical ingenuity and private funding enable Akshaya Patra to serve hot, healthy lunches to 1.4 million Indian children every day. >Ideas >Innovations
Creating Standards for Multi-Stakeholder Governance   Transcript
Harris Gleckman 07/29/15
Many people in civil society and in governmental circles feel ambivalent about this new global governance approach. Should multi-stakeholders be in charge of "solving" global problems? >Ideas >Commentary
The Age of Megaprojects   Transcript
Nancy Alexander warns that a boom in infrastructure investment could be counterproductive if not carefully managed. >Ideas >Commentary
Like the Vacuuming, Non-profit Work is Women's Work   Transcript
If we want the nonprofit sector to innovate, we need to acknowledge the gender gap between nonprofits and the private sector. >Ideas >Commentary
The Wall Street Takeover of Non-profit Boards   Transcript
Executives from the finance industry represent a growing percentage of board members, and an even larger percentage of board leadership, at some of America's most influential nonprofits. >Ideas >Commentary
Fazle Hasan Abed
Fazle Hasan Abed is the founder of BRAC and the recipient of the inaugural WISE prize for education. >Innovators >People
The "University Report Card" Highlights Need for more University Research into Neglected Diseases   Transcript
Commercially driven drug development has rapidly become incompatible with the needs of society. Universities could have the key to the solution. >Ideas >Commentary
Moses Sitati
Moses Sitati is the lab manager at the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), a project run by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) at the UN. >Innovators >People
The Smartification of Humanitarian Response  
Moses Sitati 04/08/15
The "data revolution" is underway, ushering a smart era of humanitarian and development work. >Ideas >Innovations
Dual Legacy: The Effect of Business Thinking on the Social Sector   Transcript
Steve Davis, Stanley N. Katz, Amber Kiwan, Darin McKeever, Tom Paulson, Julia Taylor Kennedy 03/18/15
This is a close look at a huge issue—legacy—examining how it relates to contemporary philanthropy and the social sector in general. Specifically, we examine the $37-billion Gates Foundation's dual legacy in promoting global health, and in shaping the social sector at large. >Ideas >Commentary
Tom Paulson
Tom Paulson is founder and lead journalist at Humanosphere. >Innovators >People
Modi's Clean India Needs More Actions than Photo-ops   Transcript
Prashanth Bhat 02/04/15
The Swachh Bharat campaign needs to become more than a mere slogan. Otherwise, it will end up being added to the long list of India's many paradoxes. >Ideas >Commentary
Bonds of the Diaspora   Transcript
Mahmoud Mohieldin, Dilip Ratha 07/28/14
Remittances from international migrants account for a large percentage of GDP in developing countries. What are ways to make savings easier for these workers and their families? >Ideas >Commentary
Madagascar's Delicate Democracy   Publication
Peter Hille 06/18/14
After five years of political turmoil and economic standstill, Madagascar is poised for recovery. The new democratic government wants to restore rule of law, tackle poverty, and foster growth. >Ideas >Briefings
The Rebirth of Rwanda   Transcript
Louise Mushikiwabo 04/14/14
Rwanda has made a lot of progress in the twenty years since the genocide, but the world is still not equipped to handle mass atrocities. >Ideas >Commentary
Rwandan Cycling Rises from the Ashes of Genocide  
Evan O'Neil 04/14/14
The film Rising from Ashes is an inspirational story of how Rwandan cyclists are working hard to compete on the highest international stages. >Ideas >Video

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