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Marc Bamuthi Joseph
Marc Bamuthi Joseph is one of America's vital voices in performance, arts education, and environmental justice. >Innovators >People
Green Politics Is Just High-end Consumerism (If We Don't Connect It to Race and Class)   Publication
Marc Bamuthi Joseph 03/25/14
It would be wise for the environmental movement to use the arts as a vessel for kindling empathy and inspiration in historically disenfranchised communities. >Ideas >Briefings
Joshua S. Fouts
Joshua Fouts is an anthropologist, researcher, and writer focused on projects involving creativity in cultural and scientific innovation. >Innovators >People
Elena Shanbaum
Elena Shanbaum is communications assistant at the Carnegie Council and assistant editor for Policy Innovations. >Innovators >People
Priscila Néri

Priscila Neri is a Brazilian journalist, activist, and documentary filmmaker who joined WITNESS in 2008. >Innovators >People

>Innovators >Organizations
Anja Boenicke
Anja Boenicke is pursuing a Global MBA on a Korean Government Scholarship at Yonsei University, Seoul. >Innovators >People
Building Resilience   Transcript
Kavitha Rajagopalan 03/18/14
Now is the time for New York to take control of its aging infrastructure and set aside a fund for investing in and upgrading pipelines and buildings around the city. >Ideas >Commentary
Philippe Douste-Blazy
Philippe Douste-Blazy is the United Nations special adviser on innovative financing for development. >Innovators >People
Information Technology: The Power of Responsible Business   Publication
With increasing scrutiny of company conduct, and growing availability of practical guidance on how to uphold human rights, there is little excuse for inaction in the ICT sector. >Ideas >Briefings
CONTEST: Trans-Pacific Student Essays 2014
Carnegie Council announces its second Trans-Pacific Student Contest, a pioneering exercise in U.S.-Asia collaboration. DEADLINE: April 30, 2014. Check the guidelines for eligibility and other details. >Ideas
EVENT: The Global War for Internet Governance
Conflicts surrounding Internet governance are on the rise, leading to questions about free speech and cybersecurity. Laura DeNardis will give a book talk on February 26. Students free of charge. >Ideas
Federally Supported Innovations: 22 Major Technology Advances   Publication
From ARPANET to LED lighting and beyond, this report identifies 22 examples of major technology advances that stemmed from federal research support. >Ideas >Policy Library
Solar Explosion: Changing the World with Kiva Loans   Publication
Steve Dorst 10/29/13
Will anything be more effective at poverty relief than peer-to-peer loans for financing distributed solar power projects? >Ideas >Briefings
Clarence Eckerson, Jr.
Clarence Eckerson, Jr. is a Brooklyn-based videographer and the creator of BikeTV and >Innovators >People
In Kenya: Filming the Faces of Inclusive Business   Publication
Steve Dorst 10/22/13
Filmmaker Steve Dorst reports from Kenya, where he documented the lives of farmers who have benefited from the World Bank's program on Inclusive Business. >Ideas >Briefings
To Change Behavior, First Change Your Message   Publication
Dan Ariely 10/09/13
Scientists work around the clock to solve problems like malnutrition, but sometimes getting people to adopt a solution is the hardest part. >Ideas >Briefings
George Monbiot
George Monbiot is a bestselling author and environmental journalist. >Innovators >People
How to Find the Treasure Buried in Your Mobile Phone  
Matthias Weitzel, Christine Merk 08/22/13
Two German researchers propose a system for recuperating the recyclable metals and toxic substances in our old mobile phones. >Ideas >Innovations
POEM: Tomorrow's Child   Transcript
Raji Ajwani-Ramchandani 08/20/13
This poem was written to convey the imperative of sustainability. As geographical lines blur due to trade and markets, so can ethics. >Ideas >Commentary

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