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The Responsible Investor’s Guide to Climate Change   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs, Lisa Sachs 02/06/15
Jeffrey D. Sachs & Lisa Sachs make the case that fossil-fuel divestment is only one option. >Ideas >Commentary
Rainforests: 10 Things to Watch in 2015   Publication
Here's a quick look ahead at what might be in store for tropical forests in 2015. >Ideas >Briefings
The Myth of Net-Zero Emissions   Transcript
The carbon capture and storage solution fails to address the root causes of global warming, and risks the advance of the zero-emissions goal. >Ideas >Commentary
Evan O'Neil
Evan O'Neil joined Carnegie Council in 2003 and was editor of Policy Innovations from 2010-2014. >Innovators >People
Berliners Await Landmark Decision on Sale of City's Power Grid  
Two young activists are trying to buy Berlin's electric grid in order to promote renewable energy. >Ideas >Innovations
Third World Center for Water Management
>Innovators >Organizations
Jose Luis Vivero Pol
Jose Luis Vivero Pol is an anti-hunger and social rights activist with fourteen years of experience on food security policies and programs, food rights and advocacy, and food sovereignty in Latin America, Africa and the Caucasus. >Innovators >People
Zhao Zhong: Lessons from the Bottom Up   Transcript
John Haffner, Zhao Zhong 09/02/14
After an accident where nature nearly took his life, Zhao Zhong has been on a mission to protect the environment in his homeland of China. >Ideas >Commentary
Zhao Zhong
Zhao Zhong is the founder and former director of Green Camel Bell, a grassroots environmental NGO in Northwest China. >Innovators >People
How I Brought a River, and My City, Back to Life  
Aziza Chaouni 08/25/14
An architect in Fez, Morocco is converting a polluted and sewage-filled river in her hometown into a usable, public space. >Ideas >Video
Rose Niu: Conservation on the Tipping Point   Transcript
John Haffner, Rose Niu 08/15/14
Conservation in China is a long-term struggle that has only intensified with rapid economic growth. To bring degraded ecosystems back, the country needs ambitious plans and a new paradigm. >Ideas >Commentary
Can Drones Save Namibia's Wildlife?  
Jason Gregg, Joe Noci 07/18/14
In Namibia, Joe and Gisela Noci's Survoyeur drones, which they design and build from scratch, have proven to be effective anti-poaching tools. >Ideas >Innovations
Madagascar's Delicate Democracy   Publication
Peter Hille 06/18/14
After five years of political turmoil and economic standstill, Madagascar is poised for recovery. The new democratic government wants to restore rule of law, tackle poverty, and foster growth. >Ideas >Briefings
India's National Green Tribunal: An Environmental Justice Experiment  
Aditi Sen 06/11/14
India's National Green Tribunal provides the country with a more accountable legal mechanism to protect the environment and those whose livelihoods depend on it. >Ideas >Innovations
Anak Pattanavibool
Anak Pattanavibool is country director for the Wildlife Conservation Society's Thailand Program. >Innovators >People
Saving Tigers in Thailand   Publication
Anak Pattanavibool 05/13/14
A potent combo of tactics is saving Thai tigers: science, government-NGO partnership, new technologies, judiciary enforcement, and honor for the brave and fallen park rangers. >Ideas >Briefings
Institute for Environmental Diplomacy & Security
>Innovators >Organizations
A United Front in the War for Wildlife   Transcript
Simon Hedges 04/04/14
Conservationists need a unified approach to stop the illegal trade in wildlife: species protection, human development, good governance, and enforcement. >Ideas >Commentary
Simon Hedges
Simon Hedges is the Asian elephant coordinator and ivory trade policy analyst at the Wildlife Conservation Society. >Innovators >People
Sustainable Sourcing of Phytochemicals as a Development Tool: The Case of Somaliland's Frankincense Industry   Publication
Anjanette DeCarlo, Saleem H. Ali 03/27/14
This study examines the role the phytochemical sector can play in creating a supply chain for a sustainable niche market. >Ideas >Policy Library

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