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Institute for Environmental Diplomacy & Security
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A United Front in the War for Wildlife   Transcript
Simon Hedges 04/04/14
Conservationists need a unified approach to stop the illegal trade in wildlife: species protection, human development, good governance, and enforcement. >Ideas >Commentary
Simon Hedges
Simon Hedges is the Asian elephant coordinator and ivory trade policy analyst at the Wildlife Conservation Society. >Innovators >People
Sustainable Sourcing of Phytochemicals as a Development Tool: The Case of Somaliland’s Frankincense Industry   Publication
Anjanette DeCarlo, Saleem H. Ali 03/27/14
This study examines the role the phytochemical sector can play in creating a supply chain for a sustainable niche market. >Ideas >Policy Library
Ruth Starkey
Ruth Starkey is a technical advisor for the Wildlife Conservation Society, now based in Tanzania. >Innovators >People
Dogs Ally with Elephants in the Fight Against Illegal Ivory   Transcript
Ruth Starkey 03/14/14
Sniffer dog teams are proving invaluable in the interdiction of illegal ivory and other wildlife parts as the contraband flows from Africa to Asia. >Ideas >Commentary
Robert Filipp
Robert Filipp is president and founder of Innovative Finance Foundation. >Innovators >People
Financial Innovation for the Wild  
Philippe Douste-Blazy, Robert Filipp 03/06/14
Innovative development finance can mobilize private capital and public funding to create and commercialize technologies for regulating the trade in endangered species. >Ideas >Innovations
Development AND Gorillas?   Publication
Integrated conservation and development strategies have shown promise in protecting the mountain gorillas of Uganda while also improving livelihoods. >Ideas >Policy Library
Community Forestry in Nepal: An Innovation for Local Livelihoods   Publication
The Community Forestry Program in Nepal is a global innovation in participatory environmental governance that encompasses well-defined policies, institutions, and practices. >Ideas >Policy Library
Lian Pin Koh
Lian Pin Koh is a technology enthusiast and environmental scientist. >Innovators >People
Robert Rose
Robert Rose is assistant director of Conservation Support at the Wildlife Conservation Society. >Innovators >People
David Wilkie
David Wilkie is director of Conservation Support for the Wildlife Conservation Society. >Innovators >People
Dwi Adhiasto
Dwi Adhiasto is a wildlife trade expert with the Wildlife Conservation Society—Indonesia Program. >Innovators >People
A Drone's-Eye View of Conservation  
Lian Pin Koh 12/18/13
We've all heard of Predator drones, but have you heard of conservation drones? Ecologist Lian Pin Koh makes a persuasive case for using UAVs to protect forests and wildlife. >Ideas >Video
A Challenge to the World: Build a Better Conservation Drone  
David Wilkie, Robert Rose 12/18/13
What would UAV developers design if they could imagine their inventions through the eyes of front-line wildlife conservation staff? >Ideas >Innovations
Lesser-known Species Fall Victim to the Illegal Wildlife Trade   Publication
Dwi Adhiasto 10/21/13
Pangolins, slow lorises, freshwater turtles, and other lesser-known species all face extinction pressures if we fail to curb the illegal wildlife trade. >Ideas >Briefings
George Monbiot
George Monbiot is a bestselling author and environmental journalist. >Innovators >People
Rewilding the World  
George Monbiot 09/09/13
George Monbiot discusses rewilding: the reintroduction of megafauna, with beneficial effects on ecosystems and human culture alike. >Ideas >Video
Scott Roberton
Scott Roberton is Vietnam country representative for Wildlife Conservation Society >Innovators >People

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