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Anjanette DeCarlo
Anjanette DeCarlo is currently a visiting professor of environmental studies at St. Michael's College. >Innovators >People
Mary Weatherbee
Mary Weatherbee joined GPI Global Internship for fall 2010 and is a linguistics and cross-cultural relations major at Bard College at Simon's Rock. >Innovators >People
Entrepreneurship as a Diplomatic Tool   Transcript
Anne-Marie Slaughter, Elmira Bayrasli 03/23/16
Anne-Marie Slaughter and Elmira Bayrasli highlight how the profit motive can help to overcome longstanding political conflicts. >Ideas >Commentary
Does the Legally Binding Character of the Paris Climate Change Agreement Matter and, If So, Why?   Transcript
Daniel Bodansky 12/04/15
How much does the legal form of the Paris outcome matter? Opinions on these questions differ widely. >Ideas >Commentary
Daniel Bodansky
Daniel M. Bodansky is a law professor at Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, and senior sustainability scientist at Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. >Innovators >People
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Anne-Marie Slaughter is the current president and CEO of the New America Foundation. >Innovators >People
Zach Dorfman
Zach Dorfman is senior editor of Ethics & International Affairs, the quarterly journal of Carnegie Council. >Innovators >People
Creating Standards for Multi-Stakeholder Governance   Transcript
Harris Gleckman 07/29/15
Many people in civil society and in governmental circles feel ambivalent about this new global governance approach. Should multi-stakeholders be in charge of "solving" global problems? >Ideas >Commentary
Michael Doyle
Michael W. Doyle is the director of Columbia Global Initiative and university professor at Columbia University. >Innovators >People
Evan O'Neil
Evan O'Neil joined Carnegie Council in 2003 and was editor of Policy Innovations from 2010-2014. >Innovators >People
Elena Shanbaum
Elena Shanbaum is communications assistant at the Carnegie Council and assistant editor for Policy Innovations. >Innovators >People
Michael Ignatieff
Michael Ignatieff is the Centennial Chair at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and the Edward R. Murrow Professor of the Practice of Politics and the Press at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. >Innovators >People
Madagascar's Delicate Democracy   Publication
Peter Hille 06/18/14
After five years of political turmoil and economic standstill, Madagascar is poised for recovery. The new democratic government wants to restore rule of law, tackle poverty, and foster growth. >Ideas >Briefings
Conflicts in Kyrgyzstan Foreshadow Water Wars to Come   Publication
Fyodor Savintsev 06/17/14
Photographer Fyodor Savintsev documents the landscape and crumbling Soviet irrigation system of Kyrgyzstan, a country at the heart of water conflicts in Central Asia. >Ideas >Briefings
Louise Mushikiwabo
Louise Mushikiwabo is Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Republic of Rwanda. >Innovators >People
Institute for Environmental Diplomacy & Security
>Innovators >Organizations
Make Eliminating Extreme Inequality a Sustainable Development Goal  
Joseph Stiglitz, Michael Doyle 03/20/14
Eliminate extreme inequality at the national level in every country. This idea should be included in the world's development goals. >Ideas >Innovations
Philippe Douste-Blazy
Philippe Douste-Blazy is the United Nations special adviser on innovative financing for development. >Innovators >People
U.S.-China Cooperation and Planetary Resurgence   Transcript
James Hansen 02/24/14
Agreement by China and the United States on rising internal carbon fees would be a planetary turning point, opening the door to global ascendancy of clean energies. >Ideas >Commentary
Carne Ross
Carne Ross, former UN diplomat, is the founder and Executive Director of Independent Diplomat. >Innovators >People

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