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10 Lessons from San Fran for Cleaning China's Urban Air  
Eugene Leong 04/22/14
Former San Francisco planning advisor Eugene Leong gives ten key policy lessons for China's leadership on mitigating air pollution. >Ideas >Innovations
Ndiame Diop
Ndiame Diop from Senegal is the World Bank lead economist for Indonesia. >Innovators >People
Why Is Reducing Energy Subsidies a Prudent, Fair, and Transformative Policy for Indonesia?   Publication
Ndiame Diop 04/10/14
With energy subsidies taking a big chunk out of Indonesia's budget, the time is right to roll them back and pay for vital services like infrastructure and health instead. >Ideas >Policy Library
U.S.-China Cooperation and Planetary Resurgence   Transcript
James Hansen 02/24/14
Agreement by China and the United States on rising internal carbon fees would be a planetary turning point, opening the door to global ascendancy of clean energies. >Ideas >Commentary
Federally Supported Innovations: 22 Major Technology Advances   Publication
From ARPANET to LED lighting and beyond, this report identifies 22 examples of major technology advances that stemmed from federal research support. >Ideas >Policy Library
The Road to Car Safety   Transcript
Carlos Ghosn 01/31/14
For the automobile industry to remain an instrument of progress, it must address the major issues of safety, clean energy, and affordability. >Ideas >Commentary
The Acceleration of Innovation in Climate Policy   Publication
Martin Jaenicke 12/02/13
This paper from the Free University of Berlin describes eight best practice cases in which the diffusion of low-carbon technologies has been accelerated by policies. >Ideas >Policy Library
Beyond CSR: Doing Good Business   Publication
Richard Brubaker, Mike J. Thompson 11/12/13
Recalibrating toward sustainable practices can be challenging and risky. Here are six steps for building a business with higher purpose. >Ideas >Briefings
Paradoxes and Dilemmas for Stakeholder Responsive Firms in the Extractive Sector: Lessons from the case of Shell and the Ogoni   Publication
David Wheeler, Heike Fabig and Richard Boele describe the case of Shell and the Ogoni and attempt to draw out some of the lessons of that case for more sustainable operations in the developing world. >Ideas >Policy Library
Stop Subsidizing Climate Change   Transcript
Kevin Watkins 11/06/13
The inconsistencies between climate goals and energy policies are stark. Eliminating fossil-fuel subsidies would be one step in the right direction. >Ideas >Commentary
Solar Explosion: Changing the World with Kiva Loans   Publication
Steve Dorst 10/29/13
Will anything be more effective at poverty relief than peer-to-peer loans for financing distributed solar power projects? >Ideas >Briefings
Reinventing Photosynthesis  
Can artificial photosynthesis cure us of our fossil fuel dependency? Scientists at the California Institute of Technology say the field is primed for a breakthrough. >Ideas >Innovations
Hunger, Food Security, and the African Land Grab   Publication
Richard Schiffman 09/26/13
To ensure their own food security, rich companies and populous countries are purchasing prime agricultural land in food-stressed areas of Africa. >Ideas >Briefings
China's Electric Bicycle Boom: Will the Fashion Last?   Publication
Henry Grabar 09/25/13
Can e-bikes attract Chinese commuters who would have never considered a trip on a standard bike, or who can't afford to purchase an electric car? >Ideas >Briefings
Ghana Bamboo Bikes
>Innovators >Organizations
Ethics & International Affairs
>Innovators >Organizations
Hal Harvey
Hal Harvey is CEO of Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology LLC. >Innovators >People
Fear and Hoping under Global Warming  
Hal Harvey 07/17/13
Energy Innovation CEO Hal Harvey lays out the motivation, and some of the policy methods, for tackling global warming before it worsens. >Ideas >Video
The Right Green Industrial Policy  
Dani Rodrik 07/11/13
Intelligent industrial policy should recognize errors and revise strategies accordingly. In the context of green growth, efforts to boost domestic industries can be globally desirable. >Ideas >Innovations
United Nations Development Program
>Innovators >Organizations

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