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The One Thing We Still Need In Order To Get To A Low-Carbon Economy   Transcript
Pension funds, insurance companies, and other investors who manage trillions of dollars have an enormous opportunity to change the future by investing in clean energy. >Ideas >Commentary
>Innovators >Organizations
Fossil Fuel Follies   Transcript
Lili Fuhr calls out major governments for continuing to lavish subsidies on coal, oil, and natural gas. >Ideas >Commentary
Can Nations Reach a Strong Agreement At COP 21?   Transcript
Fiona Harvey 10/27/15
Fiona Harvey provides a look at preparations for the 21st gathering of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) and what key questions need to be resolved for the conference to succeed. >Ideas >Commentary
Fiona Harvey
Fiona Harvey is an award-winning environment journalist for "The Guardian." >Innovators >People
Can Cities Save the World?  
Irene Pedruelo 10/19/15
A conversation with David Nelson, head of design at Foster + Partners architecture and design studio, on Masdar City and the sustainable cities of the future. >Ideas >Innovations
Climate Week Resource Picks   Transcript
Check out the top five articles we have published on climate-related issues in the last few months. >Ideas >Commentary
The Emperor And The Activist   Transcript
Paul Steinberg 09/23/15
Sustainability is a not merely an individual choice, but a social choice, and frequently a political one, requiring that people work together and press politicians and others in positions of influence to promote the public good. >Ideas >Commentary
Cornelius Graubner
Cornelius Graubner is the co-founder of Ulula, a mobile data and engagement startup based in NYC and Toronto. >Innovators >People
Wealth and Resource Consumption of Megacities   Transcript
Chris Kennedy 09/08/15
How can megacities address global environmental challenges? A new study shows how ultra-dense city planning can be part of the solution. >Ideas >Commentary
The Shareable Future of Cities  
How can cities help save the future? Futurist Alex Steffen shows how. >Ideas >Video
John Haffner
John Haffner is the president of Haffner Group Ltd., a cleantech consultancy in Canada and Asia. >Innovators >People
A Conversation on Climate Change with Conservation International's M. Sanjayan  
M. Sanjayan, Zach Dorfman 08/12/15
M. Sanjayan, senior scientist at Conservation International, discusses our climate-changed world, and why—on some days at least—he's hopeful about our environmental future. >Ideas >Audio
Bottling the Sun   Transcript
Steven Charles Cowley 08/05/15
Even if world leaders reach an agreement at the UN climate conference in December to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions substantially by 2050, the question of how to meet a booming global population's insatiable appetite for energy in the longer-term will remain. One of the most promising options is nuclear fusion. >Ideas >Commentary
Steven Charles Cowley
Steven Charles Cowley is CEO of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA). >Innovators >People
Satellites Spot Deforestation in Almost-approved Peruvian National Park   Transcript
A proposed national park in Peru sits on the apparent cusp of approval, even as it suffers deforestation at the hands of illegal loggers, miners, and coca growers. >Ideas >Commentary
"The problems are so huge I can't be pessimistic"  
Irene Pedruelo 07/09/15
A conversation with Cesar Harada, inventor, environmentalist, and entrepreneur, on oceans, the difficulties of founding a startup, and letting curiosity guide your learning. >Ideas >Innovations
A Climate Apollo Program   Transcript
Gus O’Donnell 07/06/15
Gus O'Donnell describes a global initiative to make clean energy competitive with coal within ten years. >Ideas >Commentary
Gus O’Donnell
Gus O'Donnell, former Cabinet Secretary to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and David Cameron, is now Chairman of Frontier Economics and a member of the UK House of Lords. >Innovators >People
U.S. Pioneers Water Saving in Fracking, But China's Nascent Shale Sector Lags   Transcript
Some U.S. shale oil producers are recycling water to save costs and to protect resources, methods that may be needed in China if the country experiences a fracking boom. >Ideas >Commentary

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