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Joshua S. Fouts
Joshua Fouts is an anthropologist, researcher, and writer focused on projects involving creativity in cultural and scientific innovation. >Innovators >People
Philippe Douste-Blazy
Philippe Douste-Blazy is the United Nations special adviser on innovative financing for development. >Innovators >People
Robert Filipp
Robert Filipp is president and founder of Innovative Finance Foundation. >Innovators >People
Information Technology: The Power of Responsible Business   Publication
With increasing scrutiny of company conduct, and growing availability of practical guidance on how to uphold human rights, there is little excuse for inaction in the ICT sector. >Ideas >Briefings
Federally Supported Innovations: 22 Major Technology Advances   Publication
From ARPANET to LED lighting and beyond, this report identifies 22 examples of major technology advances that stemmed from federal research support. >Ideas >Policy Library
The Road to Car Safety   Transcript
Carlos Ghosn 01/31/14
For the automobile industry to remain an instrument of progress, it must address the major issues of safety, clean energy, and affordability. >Ideas >Commentary
Carlos Ghosn
Carlos Ghosn is chairman and chief executive officer of Renault and Nissan. >Innovators >People
Carne Ross
Carne Ross, former UN diplomat, is the founder and Executive Director of Independent Diplomat. >Innovators >People
Lian Pin Koh
Lian Pin Koh is a technology enthusiast and environmental scientist. >Innovators >People
A Drone's-Eye View of Conservation  
Lian Pin Koh 12/18/13
We've all heard of Predator drones, but have you heard of conservation drones? Ecologist Lian Pin Koh makes a persuasive case for using UAVs to protect forests and wildlife. >Ideas >Video
A Challenge to the World: Build a Better Conservation Drone  
David Wilkie, Robert Rose 12/18/13
What would UAV developers design if they could imagine their inventions through the eyes of front-line wildlife conservation staff? >Ideas >Innovations
The Acceleration of Innovation in Climate Policy   Publication
Martin Jaenicke 12/02/13
This paper from the Free University of Berlin describes eight best practice cases in which the diffusion of low-carbon technologies has been accelerated by policies. >Ideas >Policy Library
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
>Innovators >Organizations
Climate-Smart Agriculture   Publication
While many agencies and projects promote climate-smart agriculture, few have shown widespread uptake. This booklet tells some of the success stories from around the world. >Ideas >Policy Library
Humanitarian Innovators Swap Ideas at Annual AidEx Conference  
Nicholas Rutherford, Neha Bhat 11/08/13
Nicholas Rutherford discusses trends in humanitarian innovation and the annual AidEx conference he runs where the sector meets to talk shop. >Ideas >Innovations
Nicholas Rutherford
Nicholas Rutherford is the event director of AidEx, an annual forum for humanitarian and development professionals. >Innovators >People
Solar Explosion: Changing the World with Kiva Loans   Publication
Steve Dorst 10/29/13
Will anything be more effective at poverty relief than peer-to-peer loans for financing distributed solar power projects? >Ideas >Briefings
Biotechnology Innovation for Inclusive Growth   Publication
This paper analyzes policy initiatives in India to adapt and commercialize existing biotechnologies to meet local needs in a more affordable manner. >Ideas >Policy Library
Reinventing Photosynthesis  
Can artificial photosynthesis cure us of our fossil fuel dependency? Scientists at the California Institute of Technology say the field is primed for a breakthrough. >Ideas >Innovations
To Change Behavior, First Change Your Message   Publication
Dan Ariely 10/09/13
Scientists work around the clock to solve problems like malnutrition, but sometimes getting people to adopt a solution is the hardest part. >Ideas >Briefings

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