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Putting Children at The Center of the end of AIDS   Transcript
Despite the global effort to scale up antiretroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS treatment, children have largely been left behind. >Ideas >Commentary
Are Non-Profits Getting in the Way of Social Change?   Transcript
Solving major social problems is now possible, but not unless the organizations that have been most responsible for making a difference change significantly. >Ideas >Commentary
Irene Pedruelo
Irene Pedruelo is the editor at "Policy Innovations." >Innovators >People
The New Face of Corporate Activism   Transcript
Activists are increasingly targeting companies and even nonprofits, and although this environment creates new challenges for business, it also presents an opportunity for social intrapreneurs to change their companies for the better, from the inside out. >Ideas >Commentary
Wealth and Resource Consumption of Megacities   Transcript
Chris Kennedy 09/08/15
How can megacities address global environmental challenges? A new study shows how ultra-dense city planning can be part of the solution. >Ideas >Commentary
Creating a Level Playing Field for Social Innovators in Africa  
By supporting local innovators, we can solve more social problems and deepen our access to new systems thinking. >Ideas >Innovations
Why Eco-Cities Fail   Transcript
A new book explores the failed promise of Dongtan eco-city outside Shanghai and why so many other ambitious green projects lie abandoned. >Ideas >Commentary
A Coming of Age for Impact Investing  
The new benchmark is an indication of a fast-growing and increasingly sophisticated impact investing industry. >Ideas >Innovations
Is Uber a Threat to Democracy?   Transcript
Kemal Dervis 08/24/15
Innovative companies like Uber can bring huge increases in efficiency. But they also bring social and regulatory challenges that must be confronted in a way that ensures fairness. >Ideas >Commentary
John Haffner
John Haffner is the president of Haffner Group Ltd., a cleantech consultancy in Canada and Asia. >Innovators >People
The Creative State   Transcript
Mariana Mazzucato makes the case for rethinking the government's role in promoting innovation. >Ideas >Commentary
More Than a Meal  
Technical ingenuity and private funding enable Akshaya Patra to serve hot, healthy lunches to 1.4 million Indian children every day. >Ideas >Innovations
China's Disruptors: How Alibaba, Xiaomi, Tencent, and Other Companies are Changing the Rules of Business  
Edward Tse 07/15/15
Entrepreneurs emerging from China are redefining the nature of business—not just in China, but everywhere in the world. The new millionaires and billionaires are determined to ride that wave of growth and see how they can shape it to serve their own ends. >Ideas >Innovations
A Climate Apollo Program   Transcript
Gus O’Donnell 07/06/15
Gus O'Donnell describes a global initiative to make clean energy competitive with coal within ten years. >Ideas >Commentary
The Promise of Lean Experimentation  
The work of innovation can be slow and cumbersome—particularly in the social sector. But by adopting a model that is increasingly common in the business world, non-profit organizations can launch, test, and implement new programs and services more efficiently and more effectively. >Ideas >Innovations
Like the Vacuuming, Non-profit Work is Women's Work   Transcript
If we want the nonprofit sector to innovate, we need to acknowledge the gender gap between nonprofits and the private sector. >Ideas >Commentary
The "University Report Card" Highlights Need for more University Research into Neglected Diseases   Transcript
Commercially driven drug development has rapidly become incompatible with the needs of society. Universities could have the key to the solution. >Ideas >Commentary
"Coach" Mark Smallwood
"Coach" Mark Smallwood is executive director at Rodale Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. >Innovators >People
Andy Yee
Andy Yee is a policy analyst for Google in Asia Pacific. >Innovators >People
Technology and Finance: Darwinism or Symbiosis?   Transcript
Andy Yee 05/01/15
An open innovative mindset on the part of both banks and non-banks alike will be key to modernize the infrastructure of banking. >Ideas >Commentary

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