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Stephanie Bailey
Stephanie L. Bailey is a project lead in the Center for Health Policy at the Stanford University School of Medicine and an adjunct professor at Dominican University of California. >Innovators >People
Rocco Nuri
Rocco Nuri is communications officer for UNHCR Innovation. >Innovators >People
Ron Soodalter
Soodalter is co-author, with Free the Slaves president Kevin Bales, of The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking and Slavery in America Today. >Innovators >People
Midori Okabe
Midori Okabe is an Associate Professor with the Sophia University Faculty of Law, Tokyo, Japan. >Innovators >People
Hiroshi Kimizuka
Hiroshi Kimizuka is deputy director in the General Affairs Division of the Immigration Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Justice. >Innovators >People
Mark Engler
Mark Engler is a writer based in New York City, an analyst with Foreign Policy In Focus, and author of "How to Rule the World: The Coming Battle Over the Global Economy" (Nation Books, Spring 2008). >Innovators >People
Can Cities Save the World?  
Irene Pedruelo, David Nelson 10/19/15
A conversation with David Nelson, head of design at Foster + Partners architecture and design studio, on Masdar City and the sustainable cities of the future. >Ideas >Innovations
Reading, Writing, and Refugees   Transcript
Gordon Brown 09/17/15
Gordon Brown promotes an economical plan to educate Syrian and other children. >Ideas >Commentary
John Haffner
John Haffner is the president of Haffner Group Ltd., a cleantech consultancy in Canada and Asia. >Innovators >People
Joel E. Cohen
Joel E. Cohen is professor of Populations at the Rockefeller University and Columbia University and the editor of "Educating All Children." >Innovators >People
Julia Taylor Kennedy
Julia Taylor Kennedy is principal of JTK Consulting Services. She is a writer and researcher who designs, builds and manages programs, with a focus on big ideas for social good. >Innovators >People
Ebola: What Went Wrong?   Transcript
In a chronically underfunded global health system whose needs are so often eclipsed by issues of national insecurity and expediency, it is time to tackle Ebola strategically. >Ideas >Commentary
Jonathan S. Jay
Jonathan Jay is an attorney, bioethicist, and senior writer for Management Science for Health (MSH). >Innovators >People
Bonds of the Diaspora   Transcript
Mahmoud Mohieldin, Dilip Ratha 07/28/14
Remittances from international migrants account for a large percentage of GDP in developing countries. What are ways to make savings easier for these workers and their families? >Ideas >Commentary
Islamophobia Is Not Just a Western Problem   Transcript
Kavitha Rajagopalan 05/14/14
The success of nationalists in India's election shows how easily an intricate social fabric can be rent for political purposes. >Ideas >Commentary
Kavitha Rajagopalan
Kavitha Rajagopalan is a senior fellow at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. >Innovators >People
Sustainable Sourcing of Phytochemicals as a Development Tool: The Case of Somaliland's Frankincense Industry   Publication
Anjanette DeCarlo, Saleem H. Ali 03/27/14
This study examines the role the phytochemical sector can play in creating a supply chain for a sustainable niche market. >Ideas >Policy Library
The Moral Operating System of a Global City: Los Angeles   Publication
Michael Ignatieff 01/31/14
For global cities to solve the central problem of collaboration among strangers, they need a moral operating system of shared social codes and behaviors. >Ideas >Briefings
Innovating Aid   Publication
Neha Bhat 11/18/13
Neha Bhat talks with innovators in humanitarian and development aid about new and efficient solutions to the crises of our time. >Ideas >Briefings
Mud People and Super Farmers   Publication
G. Pascal Zachary 10/03/13
In Africa, where land is relatively plentiful, property rights appear to be a solution looking for a problem. G. Pascal Zachary tells two tales of land-use improvisation in Uganda. >Ideas >Briefings

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