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Alanna Hartzok
Alanna Hartzok is co-director of Earth Rights Institute, a civil society organization working for economic justice and peaceful resolution of conflicts. >Innovators >People
Anjanette DeCarlo
Anjanette DeCarlo is currently a visiting professor of environmental studies at St. Michael's College. >Innovators >People
Sacha Tessier-Stall
Sacha Tessier-Stall is pursuing an M.A. in international security at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. He joined the GPI Global Internship in October 2007. >Innovators >People
Sheila Oviedo
Sheila Oviedo joined the GPI Global Internship for fall 2008. She is an M.S. candidate at the New School University's Graduate Program in International Affairs, concentrating on security and development. >Innovators >People
Robert Dujarric
Robert Dujarric is Director, Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies at Temple University Japan Campus in Tokyo. >Innovators >People
Daniel Sinnathamby
Daniel Sinnathamby is the regional humanitarian coordinator for Oxfam in Southern Africa. >Innovators >People
Timothy Savage
Timothy Savage is Deputy Director of the Seoul branch of the Nautilus Institute for Security & Sustainable Development. From 1997-2002, he worked as Senior Program Officer for Northeast Asia at the Institute's headquarters in Berkeley, CA, where he coordinated cooperative engagement programs with North Korea. He also works as Associate Editor at OhmyNews International, an Internet-based newspaper. >Innovators >People
Nathan Slee
Nathan Slee is co-founder of Credilogic, a technology leader in the alternative financial services sector. >Innovators >People
Christopher Marsh
Christopher Marsh serves as director of the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies, as well as director of the Keston Center for Religion, Politics, & Society at Baylor University. >Innovators >People
The Surprising Math of Cities and Corporations  
Physicist Geoffrey West has found that wealth, crime rate, amount of pedestrians, pace, and many other aspects of a city can be deduced from a single number: the city's population. >Ideas >Video
Harris Gleckman
>Innovators >People
Andy Yee
Andy Yee is a policy analyst for Google in Asia Pacific. >Innovators >People
Technology and Finance: Darwinism or Symbiosis?   Transcript
Andy Yee 05/01/15
An open innovative mindset on the part of both banks and non-banks alike will be key to modernize the infrastructure of banking. >Ideas >Commentary
The Right to Safe Schools   Transcript
Gordon Brown 03/02/15
Gordon Brown wants schools to be as safe as hospitals bearing a red cross. >Ideas >Commentary
Devin T. Stewart
Devin T. Stewart is senior program director and senior fellow at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. >Innovators >People
The Myth of Net-Zero Emissions   Transcript
The carbon capture and storage solution fails to address the root causes of global warming, and risks the advance of the zero-emissions goal. >Ideas >Commentary
Seeta Peña Gangadharan
Seeta Peña Gangadharan is a senior research fellow with the field team at the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute. >Innovators >People
Mark Stephens
Mark Stephens is a partner at London-based law firm HowardKennedyFsi. He specializes in media law, intellectual property rights, and human rights. >Innovators >People
Joshua D. Rothman
Joshua D. Rothman is archive editor at "The New Yorker" and a frequent writer for >Innovators >People
Local Food Systems: A Green Way of Life, or a Luxury Only for Elites?   Transcript
Kelly Hodgins 10/28/14
While many celebrate salad greens, the local food movement is cultivating exclusivity and becoming less and less budget friendly. >Ideas >Commentary

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