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Claire Nouvian
Claire Nouvian is president and founder of the nonprofit conservation organization BLOOM. >Innovators >People
David Nelson
David Nelson is Head of Design at Foster + Partners. >Innovators >People
Cesar Harada
TED Senior Fellow Cesar Harada aims to harness the forces of nature as he invents innovative remedies for man-made problems like oil spills and radioactive leaks. >Innovators >People
Tristram Stuart
Tristram Stuart is a UK based food waste campaigner who wants to reduce the environmental impact of Food Waste around the world. >Innovators >People
Daan Roosegaarde
Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch artist and innovator. He is the founder of Studio Roosegaarde. >Innovators >People
Kathryn Redford
Kathryn Redford is an entrepreneur on a mission to create a sustainable food future. >Innovators >People
"The Third World War Will be About Water"  
Amrita Gupta 04/28/16
Rajendra Singh, known as the "water man of India," believes that critically depleted aquifers around the world can be revived with community effort. >Ideas >Innovations
Going into Business for Wildlife Conservation  
To achieve large-scale, long- term success, wildlife conservationists need to think like the private sector and invest in business innovation. >Ideas >Innovations
"We are Entering the Rare Metal Age"  
Irene Pedruelo, David S. Abraham 04/06/16
David S. Abraham argues that as we move away from fossil fuels, the demand for the rare metals needed for green technology will increase. Understanding the political, economic,and environmental implications of these elements is at the heart of a sustainable future. >Ideas >Innovations
Xinjiang Ban on Glacier Tourism Ignores The Bigger Problem   Transcript
Xinjiang's ban on glacier tourism in northwestern China will do little to reverse the loss of ice caused by climate change—a crucial source of water for the country and much of Asia. >Ideas >Commentary
Fast-Tracking Climate Action   Transcript
Achim Steiner and Christiana Figueres call for urgent action to cut short-lived climate pollutants like black carbon and methane. >Ideas >Commentary
Social Good is Always Good Branding—Or is It?  
Building a brand solely on social impact is not a guarantee for success, and it comes with risks that can take businesses by surprise. >Ideas >Innovations
Solar Power Is Booming in India. Will It Reach the People Who Need It Most?   Transcript
As renewable energy ramps up, entrepreneurs work to bring its benefits to the 300 million citizens who lack electricity in India. >Ideas >Commentary
A State-Powered Green Revolution   Transcript
Mariana Mazzucato highlights the pivotal role of the public sector in building a low-carbon future. >Ideas >Commentary
Fighting Food Waste with Paper and Spice  
Irene Pedruelo, Kavita Shukla 03/08/16
At a moment when most of us look to Silicon Valley for the next highly sophisticated technological breakthrough that will change the world, it's increasingly unusual to interview an inventor and designer whose creation neither beeps nor shines. >Ideas >Innovations
Is Nuclear Power Our Energy Future—Or a Dinosaur in a Death Spiral?   Transcript
Identical data yield drastically different conclusions about the role nuclear will play in meeting climate goals. >Ideas >Commentary
Michelle Bussard
Michelle Bussard is managing director at Health in Harmony. >Innovators >People
Time for a Carbon Tax   Transcript
Kemal Derviş and Karim Foda call on policymakers to take advantage of low oil prices to advance the shift toward sustainability. >Ideas >Commentary
Does Sustainable Forest Management Actually Protect Forests?   Transcript
A new study finds an uptick in Congo deforestation despite the implementation of sustainable forest management (SFM). >Ideas >Commentary
Amrita Gupta
Amrita Gupta is a "Policy Innovations" journalism fellow at Carnegie Council. >Innovators >People

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