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China's Polluted Soil and Water Will Drive Up World Food Prices   Transcript
The world's most populous country will be increasingly reliant on food imports, and the consequences will be global. >Ideas >Commentary
Human Rights—Help or Hindrance to Combating Climate Change?   Transcript
The human rights framework risks perpetuating a flawed development model that is the root of the problem. >Ideas >Commentary
Why Climate Change Divestment Will Not Work   Transcript
Scott Wisor 04/15/15
Instead of devoting scarce resources toward a divestment campaign, Scott Wisor argues we need to direct attention to the more urgent and effective task of placing a price on carbon. >Ideas >Commentary
Scott Wisor
Scott Wisor is lecturer and deputy director of the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics at the University of Birmingham. >Innovators >People
Not Free Vaccines, Mr. Gates, Just Sustainably-priced Ones   Transcript
Sara Crager 04/01/15
Recent comments made by Bill Gates publicly criticizing Doctors without Borders for calling for reductions in the prices of new vaccines leads to public outcry. >Ideas >Commentary
Sara Crager
Sara Crager is a chief resident in the Department of Emergency Medicine at University of California Los Angeles-Olive View Medical Center. >Innovators >People
Peter Burdon
Peter Burdon is a senior lecturer at the Adelaide Law School and deputy chair of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Ethics Specialist Group. >Innovators >People
Four Countries Eclipse EU Renewable Goals Early   Transcript
While many countries struggle to cut emissions, Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Lithuania have met or surpassed their renewable energy target ahead of schedule. How? >Ideas >Commentary
Alison Singer
Alison Singer is a freelance writer and contractor for several environmental organizations. >Innovators >People
Good Environmental Policies Equal More Just Societies   Transcript
Alison Singer 03/09/15
Conserving natural resources and the environment is an integral part of a socially just society. The big challenge is to make sure that decision-makers recognize this—and act on it. >Ideas >Commentary
Eating "Ugly," a New Healthy Trend  
Jordan Figueiredo 03/04/15
England and France are using creativity to push consumers to buy "ugly" fruits and vegetables. >Ideas >Innovations
Jordan Figueiredo
Jordan Figueiredo is a zero waste professional and food waste geek from California. >Innovators >People
New Mobile App for Eco-conscious Consumers Funded by Google, Facebook, and Amazon  
OpenLabel provides reliable information about the sustainability of 20 million products. The days of nontransparent labeling may soon be gone. >Ideas >Innovations
>Innovators >Organizations
Breaking Europe's Climate Change Stalemate   Transcript
Graeme Sweeney 02/20/15
Graeme Sweeney argues that the European Union must abandon ideological rigidity and invest in carbon capture. >Ideas >Commentary
Scrappy Solutions   Transcript
Suzie Boss 02/13/15
A new regulation in Massachusetts (United States) aims to direct food waste away from landfills and toward more productive uses. >Ideas >Commentary
"I Like to Make Things that Do Not Have a Like or Download Button"  
Irene Pedruelo 02/11/15
This Dutch designer is transforming the way cities and urban landscapes work and feel. Glowing trees and smart roads are just two of his revolutionary ideas. >Ideas >Innovations
The Responsible Investor’s Guide to Climate Change   Transcript
Jeffrey Sachs, Lisa Sachs 02/06/15
Jeffrey D. Sachs & Lisa Sachs make the case that fossil-fuel divestment is only one option. >Ideas >Commentary
Lisa Sachs
Lisa Sachs is director of the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI). >Innovators >People
RP Siegel
RP Siegel is an award-winning inventor, freelance journalist, and environmental advocate. >Innovators >People

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