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Eugene Leong
Eugene Leong is a visiting professor at Peking University, in the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. >Innovators >People
10 Lessons from San Fran for Cleaning China's Urban Air  
Eugene Leong 04/22/14
Former San Francisco planning advisor Eugene Leong gives ten key policy lessons for China's leadership on mitigating air pollution. >Ideas >Innovations
Rwandan Cycling Rises from the Ashes of Genocide  
Evan O'Neil 04/14/14
The film Rising from Ashes is an inspirational story of how Rwandan cyclists are working hard to compete on the highest international stages. >Ideas >Video
Eduardo Paes
Eduardo Paes is the mayor of Rio De Janeiro. >Innovators >People
Enrique Penalosa
Enrique Peñalosa is a former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia and president of the board of directors of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. >Innovators >People
The Democracy of Urban Mobility  
Enrique Penalosa 02/11/14
The former mayor of Bogotá shares some of the tactics he used to change the transportation dynamic in the Colombian capital, and suggests ways to think about building smart cities of the future. >Ideas >Video
Federally Supported Innovations: 22 Major Technology Advances   Publication
From ARPANET to LED lighting and beyond, this report identifies 22 examples of major technology advances that stemmed from federal research support. >Ideas >Policy Library
The Road to Car Safety   Transcript
Carlos Ghosn 01/31/14
For the automobile industry to remain an instrument of progress, it must address the major issues of safety, clean energy, and affordability. >Ideas >Commentary
Carlos Ghosn
Carlos Ghosn is chairman and chief executive officer of Renault and Nissan. >Innovators >People
Clarence Eckerson, Jr.
Clarence Eckerson, Jr. is a Brooklyn-based videographer and the creator of BikeTV and >Innovators >People
Reinventing Photosynthesis  
Can artificial photosynthesis cure us of our fossil fuel dependency? Scientists at the California Institute of Technology say the field is primed for a breakthrough. >Ideas >Innovations
Why Groningen Is the World's Cycling City   Publication
Clarence Eckerson, Jr. 10/24/13
Is Groningen the best city in the world for getting around by bicycle? Residents seem to think so. Streetfilms takes us on a tour of its innovations and amenities. >Ideas >Briefings
Henry Grabar
Henry Grabar is a freelance writer and a former fellow at The Atlantic Cities. >Innovators >People
DIY Inventions from Cuba's Isolation  
Ernesto Oroza 09/27/13
Through decades of isolation and shortages, Cubans forged a DIY culture of invention and repair, repurposing motors and other objects to meet their needs. >Ideas >Video
China's Electric Bicycle Boom: Will the Fashion Last?   Publication
Henry Grabar 09/25/13
Can e-bikes attract Chinese commuters who would have never considered a trip on a standard bike, or who can't afford to purchase an electric car? >Ideas >Briefings
Ghana Builds Bamboo Bikes  
Bernice Dapaah, Neha Bhat 09/04/13
A bamboo bicycle builder in Ghana is working to end the triple problem of poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation by training rural migrants in manufacturing and business. >Ideas >Innovations
Ghana Bamboo Bikes
>Innovators >Organizations
Bernice Dapaah
Bernice Dapaah is executive director of Ghana Bamboo Bikes. >Innovators >People
Innovation and the City: Part 2   Publication
As cities generate new solutions to a wide variety of vexing problems, sharing information about what works and what doesn't has become more important than ever. >Ideas >Policy Library
The 'Copter Will See You Now   Publication
Arthur Holland Michel 08/01/13
As countries develop policies for civilian and commercial drones, it is important to apply ethical standards that are permissive of innovation. >Ideas >Briefings

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