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Catalina Cock Duque
Catalina Cock Duque is the executive director of Mi Sangre Foundation. >Innovators >People
Stephanie Bailey
Stephanie L. Bailey is a project lead in the Center for Health Policy at the Stanford University School of Medicine and an adjunct professor at Dominican University of California. >Innovators >People
William Hoyle
William Hoyle is the founding chief executive of techfortrade. >Innovators >People
Eva Kaplan
Eva Kaplan is the director of Maria's Libraries. >Innovators >People
Rebecca Laks
Rebecca Laks is a health and human rights practitioner. >Innovators >People
The Unfinished Sexual Revolution   Transcript
Anne-Marie Slaughter 09/30/15
Anne-Marie Slaughter wants to shift the focus of the movement for women's equality to the role of men. >Ideas >Commentary
Creating a Level Playing Field for Social Innovators in Africa  
By supporting local innovators, we can solve more social problems and deepen our access to new systems thinking. >Ideas >Innovations
Schools Aren't Just Buildings   Transcript
Innovation education is critical in East Africa and beyond. >Ideas >Commentary
The Promise of Lean Experimentation  
The work of innovation can be slow and cumbersome—particularly in the social sector. But by adopting a model that is increasingly common in the business world, non-profit organizations can launch, test, and implement new programs and services more efficiently and more effectively. >Ideas >Innovations
Civic Engagement: One Simple Solution to Youth Disconnection   Transcript
Rebecca Rasch, Sarah Burd-Sharps, Kristen Lewis 02/02/15
New research points the way to targeting volunteer and other civic engagement opportunities for youth who are most in danger of falling through the cracks. >Ideas >Commentary
Rebecca Rasch

As a statistical consultant, Rebecca Rasch, conducts both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis for Measure of America. >Innovators >People

Alex "Sandy" Pentland
Alex "Sandy" Pentland is Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and director of MIT's Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program. >Innovators >People
National Security Babies   Transcript
Anne-Marie Slaughter 11/24/14
Anne-Marie Slaughter identifies inadequate childcare as the number one threat facing the United States. >Ideas >Commentary
Stanford Social Innovation Review
>Innovators >Organizations
INJAZ Al-Arab is a non-profit organization that strives to create viable work opportunities for young people in the Arab world. >Innovators >Organizations
Soraya Salti
Soraya Salti is the executive director at INJAZ Al-Arab, organization that harnesses the mentorship of Arab business leaders to inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and innovation among Arab youth. >Innovators >People
Toward Understanding Our World's Moral Landscape: Carnegie Council's Centennial Projects on a "Global Ethic"   Transcript
Devin T. Stewart, 08/06/14
What do leading thinkers believe to be the greatest ethical challenges of today and the future? Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart writes on the highlights of this interview series. >Ideas >Commentary
West Africa's Misguided War on Drugs   Transcript
Kofi Annan 07/11/14
West Africa is increasingly enmeshed in the global drug trade. A new report from the West Africa Commission on Drugs calls for a different approach to drug abuse, one that treats it not as a criminal-justice issue, but rather as a public-health problem. >Ideas >Commentary
Urbanization and its Discontents: Educating Dhaka's Slum Children   Transcript
Mabruk Kabir 07/09/14
Dhaka, Bangladesh is one of the world's fastest growing cities due to urban migration. Children who end up living in its slums are 2.5 more likely to be excluded from school than the national average. How can we solve this inequity? >Ideas >Commentary
Of Moonshots and Slingshots   Transcript
Vinay Gupta 06/18/14
Only if policy people and technologists work together better will we change the world in ways that are congruent with our most critical human needs and planetary risks. >Ideas >Commentary

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