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Gary Flomenhoft
Gary Flomenhoft is research associate professor at the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont. >Innovators >People
Open Society Foundations
The Open Society Institute (OSI), a private operating and grantmaking foundation, aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform. >Innovators >Organizations
Institute for Economics and Peace
>Innovators >Organizations
Tackling Wicked Problems   Publication
Wicked problems require innovative, comprehensive solutions that can be modified in light of experience and feedback. This paper identifies some of the main ingredients required in this evolving art. >Ideas >Policy Library
Oceans of Innovation   Publication
What kind of leadership will the twenty-first century require? Are education systems in the Pacific region ready and innovative enough to provide this leadership? >Ideas >Policy Library
Afra Raymond
Afra Raymond is an independent thinker, writer, and speaker on issues of corruption in Trinidad and Tobago. >Innovators >People
Three Myths about Corruption: Some Lessons from Trinidad  
Afra Raymond 02/20/13
Afra Raymond says that any public expenditure without accountability and transparency is necessarily a form of corruption. >Ideas >Video
One Year Later: The World's Largest Shark Sanctuary  
Evan O'Neil 10/23/12
The Marshall Islands are celebrating the first year of a shark conservation zone, but a broader strategy is needed to preserve these top predators throughout the Pacific. >Ideas >Video
Boat Migrants to Australia Deserve Their Refugee Rights   Transcript
Christian Barry, Jonathan Simon 10/01/12
Asylum seekers who come to Australia by boat have been accused of jumping the queue in the immigration process, but are they really gaining an unfair advantage? >Ideas >Commentary
Laura Hosman
Laura Hosman is assistant professor of political science and associate chair of the Department of Social Sciences at Illinois Institute of Technology. >Innovators >People
Solar Computer Lab in a Box  
Laura Hosman 08/16/12
An innovative project is bringing solar-powered Internet to a tiny off-grid Pacific island. While the technology is exciting, its success depends on a combination of training, skill-building, and partners. >Ideas >Innovations
Caroline Rees
Caroline Rees is the Director of the Governance and Accountability Program with the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. >Innovators >People
What Does Democratic Reversal in the Maldives Mean for the Arab Uprisings?   Publication
Gabriele Köhler, Aniruddha Bonnerjee 03/02/12
Democratic instability in the Maldives bodes ill for the Arab uprisings. They share stratified economies, high food and fuel prices, and the rise of fundamentalist Islam. >Ideas >Briefings
Protecting Nature's Nomads  
Achim Steiner 11/28/11
Since the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species entered into force in 1983, it has led to agreements to conserve more than 26 creatures, so that future generations can also marvel at these nomads of the natural world. >Ideas >Innovations
Peter Williams
>Innovators >People
>Innovators >Organizations
Generous India   Transcript
Shashi Tharoor 06/20/11
India's strength as an aid provider is that it is not an over-developed power, but rather one whose own experience of development is both recent and familiar. >Ideas >Commentary
Fixing Our Broken Oceans  
Achim Steiner, Joshua Reichert 06/20/11
Marine management remains a fragmented patchwork of national and international bodies, with separate and often overlapping jurisdictions, and no global accountability. >Ideas >Innovations
Bruce Aylward
Bruce Aylward is a Canadian physician and epidemiologist and head of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative at the World Health Organization. >Innovators >People
Solar Electric Light Fund
>Innovators >Organizations

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